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2014/04 – Mexico D.F. tagged with 'Top 8'

Top 8 Pairings

April 6th, 2014

Here are the pairings for Top 8:

Table 1: Perez Catalan, Cesar Noe vs. South Chaves, Gerald Yagans
Table 1

South Chaves, Gerald Yagans advances to Top 4.

Table 2: Reyes Suarez, Alejandro Vivaldo vs. Romero Soto, Cristian Alexis
Table 2

Reyes Suarez, Alejandro Vivaldo advances to Top 4.

Table 3: Errasquin Abdala, Julian vs. Lagunes Maitret, Jose
Table 3

Lagunes Maitret, Jose advances to Top 4.

Table 4: Vazquez Ordaz, Luis Enrique vs. Riveros Beltran, Julian Alfredo
Table 4

Riveros Beltran, Julian Alfredo advances to Top 4.