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2014/04 – Mexico D.F. tagged with 'Welcome!'

Welcome to the YCS – Mexico, D.F.!

April 5th, 2014

The YCS journey of 2014 continues, this time in the capital city of Mexico, Mexico D.F.!  The total number of players is 1,073, the largest YCS to date in Latin America!  Welcome to everyone!Celebrating Dragons of Legend at the YCS - Mexico!

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Quite a group from other countries, furthest being a Duelist all the way from China.  Guatemala, Colombia and Canada are represented with 1 Duelist each, while 2 Duelists came from Spain.  We have 3 Duelists from Ecuador, 4 from Panama and 15 from Costa Rica.  We have 12 US Duelists, a number of whom are familiar faces.  The Leverett brothers are here (Ben Leverett is the Dragon Duel World Champion from 2013, while his brother Zach represented North America at the World Championship in 2012), as is Patrick Hoban (he represented North America at the World Championship in 2013).  Thanks everyone for traveling all this way.  It’s time to Duel!