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2015/04 – Chicago, IL tagged with 'Semifinals'

Dragon Duel Day 1: Jackson Sayre Versus Zachary Taylor

April 12th, 2015

We’re in the final round of Dragon Duels for Day 1 of YCS Chicago! We’ve got Zachary Taylor here up against Jackson Sayre! Does that name seem familiar? It might be because we just saw his dad defeat Billy Brake in Round 1! The winner of this Duel will get to come back tomorrow to face Sunday’s Dragon Duel winner for the title of YCS Chicago Dragon Duel Champion!

Dragon Duels are now a Sealed event, using Battle Pack 3: Monster League rules. In Sealed Play, you open up Booster Packs and build your Deck directly from those cards. And since it’s Battle Pack 3, we’ll be playing under the Monster League rule – all monsters are treated as all Types, at all times. That makes for some very cool card interactions. Let’s see how our top Dragon Duelists fare under these conditions!

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