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2015/04 – Chicago, IL tagged with 'Top 4'

Top 4 Feature Match: Barrett Keys Versus Donnell Washington

April 13th, 2015

Fresh off of his win from YCS Tacoma, Barrett Keys is back at the top tables competing for a spot in the Finals of YCS Chicago. But Donnell Washington will be doing everything in his power to make sure Keys doesn’t make it there. California’s Barrett Keys and Texas’s Donnell Washington both made it to the Top 16 with their Nekroz Decks, and thereafter set aside their Decks in favor of Decks constructed from packs of Battle Pack 3: Monster League. Now, Keys and Washington are about to Duel against one another in a Match that will secure exactly one of these Duelists a spot in the Finals. It’s time to Duel!

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Saturday’s Dragon Duel Top 4!

April 12th, 2015

After 5 rounds of Dueling, 4 young Dragon Duelists have risen above all others!

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