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2015/11 – San Jose, California tagged with 'Semifinals'

Top 4 Feature Match: Sebastian Crawford versus Ryan Murakami

November 9th, 2015

Out of all the 953 Duelists here at YCS San Jose, only four remain, and they’re all playing Kozmo Decks! We’ve featured both Sebastian Crawford and Ryan Murakami earlier in the tournament, with each of them putting on great showings. The winner here will move on to the finals, and is guaranteed a copy of the Prize Card Minerva, the Exalted Lightsworn.

Murakami is using Reasoning as a way to make use of his many varied Levels of monsters and put out a lot of damage all at once. Crawford has a very unique build, with Main Deck copies of The Monarchs Stormforth! That gives him a method of playing his spaceships while also getting rid of major threats. It’s also the main way he can play his secret ace card, Light and Darkness Dragon! The Dragon is a way of hampering his opponents, and it can also destroy his own Kozmotown to trigger its effect.

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