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2015/11 – Sao Paulo, Brazil tagged with 'Dragon Duel'

Dragon Duel Champion

November 29th, 2015

Both Saturday and Sunday Dragon Duel tournaments used Sealed Play Battle Pack 3, and the winners from both the Saturday and Sunday Dragon Duel tournaments played against each other to determine who would be the Dragon Duel Champion of YCS – Sao Paulo.

Congratulations to 11-year-old Pablo Reich, our new Dragon Duel Champion!  He was playing his Kozmo Deck against 12-year-old runner-up, Pedro Silbeiro, who was playing his Majespecter Deck.

DD Champion pic

Saturday Dragon Duel Winner!

November 28th, 2015

After Dueling with Sealed Battle Pack 3, our Dragon Duelers have finished for the day!  Congratulations to Pedro Silveira from Sao Paulo on his Dragon Duel win!

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