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2016/04 – Houston, Texas tagged with 'Finals'

Finals Feature Match: Andres Torres versus Christopher Brown

April 11th, 2016

Andres Torres has had a couple Feature Matches this weekend, and thus far each has showcased just how good he is with Performapal Pendulums. However, due to an unfortunate Deck List error he is without a Performapal Monkeyboard, a key combo piece to the Performapal engine. This hasn’t stopped Torres yet though, as he has managed to Duel through all of this and still make it to the finals. His opponent is Christopher Brown, another Performapal Pendulum pilot who has also shown quite a bit of mastery given that he has here. Only one can truly be the Master of Pendulum and take home all of the marbles, so who will it be?

Torres won the roll and chose to go first.

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