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2016/04 – Houston, Texas tagged with 'Top 32'

Top 32 Feature Match: Jose Lagunes versus Esala Wathathantrige

April 10th, 2016

Jose Lagunes took down YCS Atlanta with full power Performapal Pendulums, but since has opted to switch to Burning Abyss Phantom Knights for this tournament. He ended first after Swiss, so even though he has chosen to switch strategies, he has clearly shown proficiency given his Swiss record. Esala Wathathantrige may not have a Championship under his belt, but he is no stranger from the YCS Top Cut. He has chosen to use Performapal Pendulum Deck this weekend, a strategy that we will probably see a lot less of come tomorrow with the Forbidden & Limited List taking effect. Can Lagunes take down another YCS? Or will Wathathantrige show that credentials only mean so much? The winner will advance to Top 16, the loser will be out of the tournament.

Lagunes won and chose to go first.

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