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2017/10 – Dallas, TX tagged with 'Table of Contents'

YCS Dallas 2017 Event Table of Contents!

October 23rd, 2017

Did you miss any of the action from the 2017 Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series in Dallas, TX? Don’t worry – you can revisit the action using this handy Table of Contents!



YCS Dallas: Standings After Round 1

YCS Dallas: Standings After Round 2

YCS Dallas: Standings After Round 3

YCS Dallas: Standings After Round 4

YCS Dallas: Standings After Round 5

YCS Dallas: Standings After Round 6

YCS Dallas: Standings After Round 7

YCS Dallas: Standings After Round 8

YCS Dallas: Standings After Round 9 (End of Day 1)

YCS Dallas: Standings After Round 10

YCS Dallas: Top 32 Standings After Swiss Rounds!



YCS Dallas: Round 1 Pairings

YCS Dallas: Round 2 Pairings

YCS Dallas: Round 3 Pairings

YCS Dallas: Round 4 Pairings

YCS Dallas: Round 5 Pairings

YCS Dallas: Round 6 Pairings

YCS Dallas: Round 7 Pairings

YCS Dallas: Round 8 Pairings

YCS Dallas: Round 9 Pairings

YCS Dallas: Round 10 Pairings

YCS Dallas: Round 11 Pairings

YCS Dallas: Top 32 Pairings!

YCS Dallas: Top 16 Pairings!

YCS Dallas: Top 8 Pairings!

YCS Dallas: Top 4 Pairings!

YCS Dallas: Final Pairing!


Feature Matches

Round 1 Feature Match: Michael Campos vs. Kerry Nugent

Round 2 Feature Match: Steven Alfonso Hernandez vs. Tien Thomas Quang Pham

Round 3 Feature Match: Jarel Winston vs. Jeffrey Tuzzio

Round 4 Feature Match: Marcello Barberi vs. Avery Foster

Round 5 Feature Match: Ramon Humberto Jacquez vs. Randy Louis Richardson

Round 6 Feature Match: Justin Gardner vs. Brian Kalina

Round 7 Feature Match: Leonard Ray Williams vs. David Alexander Facey

Round 8 Feature Match: Lorez Walker vs. Ricardo Ochoa

Round 9 Feature Match: Michael Kirklen Parott vs. Peter Michael Serrano-Vargas

Round 10 Feature Match: Ed Acepcion vs. James Jarred Randolph

Round 11 Feature Match: Cristopher Geovany Ramos vs. Dean Arbuckle

Top 32 Feature Match: Brenden Beckmann vs. Faisal Khan

Top 16 Feature Match: Brian Rayos vs. Kevin Ward

Top 8 Feature Match: Kobe Short vs. Ryan Levine

Top 4 Feature Match: Hani Yasser Jawhari vs. Mohammed Faisal Khan

Finals Feature Match: Imran Khan vs. Faisal Khan


Dragon Duels

Saturday’s Dragon Duel Top 4!

Sunday’s Top Dragon Duelists!

YCS Dallas Dragon Duel Championship Winner!


Top Tables Updates

Top Tables Update: Round 4

Top Tables Update: Round 5

Top Tables Update: Round 6

Top Tables Update: Round 10

Top Tables Update: Round 11


Quick Questions

QQ: What’s Your Favorite Card from Circuit Break?

QQ: Which Deck Are You Using This Weekend?

QQ: How Did You Prepare for YCS Dallas?

QQ: What Deck Do You Think Will Win This Weekend?

QQ: Which Cards Are You Using To Get Ahead of the Competition?

QQ: What’s Your Favorite Card in the Legendary Dragon Decks?



Welcome to YCS Dallas!

YCS Dallas First-Timers!

Tech Update: YCS Dallas

Check Out the New Regional Qualifier Game Mat!


Saturday’s Generation Duel Top 4!


Welcome to Day 2 of YCS Dallas!

Top 32 Deck Breakdown!

Sunday’s Generation Duel Top 4


School Tournament Series Winners!

3 vs. 3 Tournament Winners!

YCS Dallas: And the Winner is…

Random Public Event Playoff Winner!

Points Public Event Playoff Winner!