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2018/02 – Atlanta, GA tagged with 'Top 8'

Top 8 Feature Match: Mohammed Khan vs. Edwin Diaz

February 19th, 2018

We’re just 3 rounds away from crowning a new YCS Champion! In this Feature Match, we have the only non-Magician Pendulum Decks left in the tournament. YCS Dallas 2017 winner Mohammed Imran Khan, who took SPYRALs to the top after defeating his younger brother in the finals, is looking to make it to the top here. This time, he’s the last SPYRAL Duelist standing. He’s facing off against the last Trickstar Duelist left in the room, Edwin Diaz. Only one of these Duelists will make it to Top 4. Who will it be? It’s time to Duel!

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Top 8 Pairings!

February 18th, 2018

Check out who’s Dueling in the Top 8 of YCS Atlanta!

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