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2022/09 – YCS Niagara Falls, ON tagged with 'Top Table Update'

Top Tables Update: Round 10

September 11th, 2022

Round 10 marks the end if the Swiss Rounds here at YCS Niagara Falls, so this one is make-or-break. Currently these 20 competitors are the top-ranked Duelists in the room, but some of them may not make the Top 32. The pressure’s on, so let’s take a look at which Duelists are at the top tables right now, and what they’re playing!

Table 1: Chancy Wigglestove (Spright) vs. Luke Parkes (Danger Tearlaments)
Table 2: Calvin Chow (Spright) vs. James Kim (Runick Spright)
Table 3: Raymond Dai (Exosister) vs. Ryan You (Exosister)
Table 4: Jorge Pagan (Adventure Spright) vs. Adrian Gonzalez (Live Twins Spright)
Table 5: Steven Santoli (Runick Live Twin Spright) vs. Simon He (Adventure Spright)
Table 6: Mitchell Martin (Spright) vs. Collin Cleaves (Mathmech)
Table 7: Ruben Penaranda (Spright) vs. North Alton (Tearlaments)
Table 8: Thanh Nguyen (Runick Spright) vs. Gabriel Bonneau (Spright)
Table 9: Brian Kaiser (Adventure Spright) vs. Andrij Rybsky-Shaw (Therion Tearlaments)
Table 10: Ankit Shah (Spright) vs. Kevin Semlali (Cyber Dragon Adventure Spright)

How does it all shake out? The tale of the tape is pretty shocking, as Tearlaments appear to’ve largely slipped from the top tables amidst a serious Spright takeover:

Spright: 14 Decks
Tearlaments: 3 Decks
Exosister: 2 Decks
Mathmech: 1 Deck

Of the 14 Spright Decks currently dominating, at least three are running Runick, and at least four are running the Adventure engine. Are these numbers really representative of the trends in this tournament? Or are a whole lotta Tearlaments Decks lurking just below, in Table 11 and beyond? It’ll be interesting to see what the split looks like once we know the Top 32 proper, but for now, this your last Top Table update from YCS Niagara Falls!

Top Tables Update: Round 8

September 10th, 2022

Heading into the final round here in Day 1 of YCS Niagara, here’s your look at the Duelists and Decks that made it to the Top 10 tables!

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Top Tables Update: Round 6

September 10th, 2022

Which Duelists are undefeated in Round 6, and what Decks are they playing? Here’s what’s happening at the top tables, here at YCS Niagara Falls.

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