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2023/02 TEAM YCS Las Vegas, NV tagged with 'Welcome!'

Welcome to TEAM YCS Las Vegas!

February 18th, 2023

Almost three years ago to the day, Las Vegas hosted the last TEAM YCS. In the end, the team of Dominic Couch, Stephen Silverman, and Scott Page emerged victorious as YCS Champions! It’s been a long wait to return to the city that never sleeps – it’s time to crown some new YCS Champions!

The Las Vegas Convention Center – soon to be host of three new YCS Champions

We’re hot off the heels of another TEAM YCS last weekend in Mexico City, but make no mistake – this event is going to stand out. TEAM YCS Mexico City was the first event to use cards from Photon Hypernova, and Duelists will have another week of experience with the new cards.

Even bigger is the Forbidden & Limited List just taking effect this week, which had massive changes that will surely shake up the meta. Tearlaments, Sprights, and Floowandereeze all saw changes from the F&L List, but they’re still Decks to watch out for. Besides those, there’s a lot of hype around Kashtira, Labrynth, Branded, Runick, Dark World, and more.

Round 1 is about to kick off, with 385 teams! It’s time to Duel!