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2023/11 – YCS Richmond tagged with 'Age of Overlord'

Round 8 Feature Match: Mingrui Cai vs. Jim Mayorga

November 4th, 2023

We’re in the second to last Round of the day, and for this Feature Match we’ve got a really cool surprise! Jim Mayorga is 6-1 using Bystial Crimson King. That’s right, Jack Atlas’s strategy itself, straight from Structure Deck: The Crimson King, combined with Bystial monsters!

His opponent is Mingrui Cai, also 6-1 playing Tearlaments, boosted with the powerful Horus cards from Age of Overlord. Both strategies have been flying under the radar, but both are seeing incredible success today, so this one should be interesting. It’s time to Duel!

Jim Mayorga
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