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2023/11 – YCS Richmond tagged with 'Scareclaw'

Round 11 Feature Match: Max Lehmann vs. Andrew Willett

November 5th, 2023

This is it, the final Swiss round of the tournament! After this we’ll be cutting to just the final Top 32 Duelists. This Feature Match pits two YCS first-timers against each other! Max Lehmann from Sioux Falls South Dakota is playing Scareclaw, and he’s facing Andrew Willett, from Scarbro West Virginia, playing Runick Stun!

Scareclaws make some powerful plays, and they’re good at fighting a war of attrition thanks to their Field Spell and multiple options for removal. On the other side, Runick Decks like Willett’s seek to lock down the field with tons of floodgates, negations, and well-timed destructions, while keeping their hand full thanks to their own Field Spell. Both Duelists are on the bubble, looking for a win to make that coveted Top Cut spot.

Max Lehmann is smiling because of his weird opening hand.
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