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2023/11 – YCS Richmond tagged with 'Spright'

Round 3 Feature Match: Timothy Dinh vs. Zachary Vicenzi

November 4th, 2023

We’re in Round 3 with another Feature Match! This time we have Timothy Dinh, from Rockville Maryland, piloting Mikanko! His Deck plays Sinful Spoils and Infernoble Knights to synergize with his Equip Spells.

His opponent is Zachary Vicenzi, from Waterbury, Connecticut. He’s brought a Spright Purrely Deck to the table. He’s able to put down the typical Purrely plays which don’t lock you into any specific Summons, then follow up with Sprights for more disruption. The Sprights can also make Rank 2 Xyz Monsters really easily, giving Vicenzi an alternate way to get his Purrely Extra Deck monsters into play.

Zachary Vicenzi, Rescue Rabbit Representative
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