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Round 4 Feature Match: Bobby Barone vs. Hang Cheong Wu

October 9th, 2010


Bobby Barone made the top cut at 3 YCS tournaments, including the one right here in Philadelphia in 2008, and is back today running Gladiator Beasts. But his opponent, Hang Cheong Wu is running an anti-meta Deck full of high ATK Level 4 monsters, which may make this a tough Match for Barone.

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Public Events Prize Card Playoff Finals: Jack Hoyt VS Hernan Roman

September 5th, 2010

One of these two Duelists would leave this table with a set of the Darklord prize cards!  Jack Hoyt is playing X-Sabers, while his opponent Hernan Roman is running Anti-Meta Beatdown, a Deck built specifically to defeat X-Sabers.  This one was going to be a tough Match for Hoyt.

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