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Deck Profile: Jeff Jones’s Dark Magician Deck

October 15th, 2016

Jeff Jones is known for his unique choices and preference for rogue strategies, so we can only expect that he’ll bring something spicy to this YCS. He definitely didn’t disappoint this weekend, as he has brought a Dark Magician strategy to the tournament! While most Duelists have sided with Seto Kaiba and the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Jones is here this weekend to prove that Yugi Muto and the Dark Magician are still a team worth fighting for. Thanks to the new Dark Magician support from Legendary Decks II, Jones is hoping to take advantage of the undiscovered power of Eternal Soul.

Let’s take a look at his list:

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Round 6 Feature Match: Simon He versus Marquis Johnson

November 18th, 2012

Simon He has garnered alot of attention this year for quickly ascending through the ranks of top competitive players.  Traveling from Europe to compete at events like YCS Long Beach and YCS Providence, his record for making Top 32’s is impeccable.  Last time we saw him a month ago at Providence, you might remember that he was beating over Obelisk the Tormentor with a Master Hyperion strapped with Armory Arm in a Top 16 Feature Match He’s basically a walking highlight reel.


But that’s not why He’s getting a Feature Match today.  No.  No, not at all.  See, last night, Simon He and Canadian Duelist Sorosh Saberian Dueled to settle a bet.  What were the stakes, you ask?  Well, the winner didn’t get anything, but the loser had to Side Deck Dark Magician today in the YCS.  If that individual then got a Feature Match, they had to side in Dark Magician for Games 2 and 3, and they had to Summon it if possible. 


So yeah.  We made that Feature Match happen.


He’s opponent this round is Marquis Johnson, no stranger to the YCS circuit and no stranger to Feature Matches.  He’s playing the most feared Deck here this weekend – Mermails.  Was He up to the challenge?  Would we get to see Dark Magician?  And if He did draw it, would he have the guts to pull the trigger?  We were about to find out!


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