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YCS Ft. Worth: Top 32 Deck Breakdown!

October 6th, 2019

Here are the Top 32 Duelists and their Decks!

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YCS Guadalajara: Top 32 Deck Breakdown!

September 29th, 2019

Here’s the Top 32 of YCS Guadalajara and what Decks they took to get here!

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YCS Niagara Falls: Top 32 Deck Breakdown!

September 22nd, 2019

And after 10 rounds of Swiss, we have our Top 32!  Here’s who topped and what they brought to the tournament.

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YCS Portland: Top 32 Duelists and Decks!

August 25th, 2019

THere are the Top 32 Duelists and their Decks!

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North America WCQ: World’s Competitor Player Profile – Raymond Dai

June 23rd, 2019

Raymond Dai placed 2nd at the 2019 North America World Championship Qualifier, earning his invite to the 2019 Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship!  See the Deck he won his invite with and more below…

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North America WCQ: Deck Breakdown

June 22nd, 2019

It took all day, but our talented judge team and event staff went through 2095 Decklists to find out which Decks Duelists are using this weekend. They categorized each Deck by “Main Type” and, if applicable, “Sub Types”; but for the purposes of this article and the simplification of the statistics involved, we’ll focus on the “Main Type” used by this weekend’s competitors. Read more…

Central America WCQ: Top Cut Deck Breakdown!

June 9th, 2019

We have now entered the Top Cut, and a whopping 10 different types of Decks have advanced to the Single Elimination Rounds!

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YCS Knoxville: Top 32 Duelists and Decks!

June 2nd, 2019

Check out which Duelists and Decks made it into the Top 32!

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Team YCS Atlanta: The Top 16 Deck Breakdown!

March 17th, 2019

The Top 16 has been decided!  Here are the teams and the Deck types that got them this far.   Read more…

UDS Invitational Las Vegas, NV: Top 16 Deck Breakdown

March 3rd, 2019

Here are your Top 16 Duelists!

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