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Bonus Characters in The Speed Duel GX: Duel Academy Box!

March 24th, 2022

We are less than 1 week away from the April 1st release of the Speed Duel GX: Duel Academy Box, each packed with 200 Speed Duel cards, 20 all-new Skill Cards, and 8 collectible Secret Rares.

Over the last two weeks we’ve looked at all eight of the starring-role characters:  Jaden Yuki, Aster Phoenix, Chazz Princeton, Jesse Anderson, Zane Truesdale, Alexis Rhodes, Dr.Vellian Crowler, and Axel Brodie. The Duel Academy Box has two Skill Cards and a complete Speed Duel Deck that’s ready to go for each of them!

But what would the adventures at Duel Academy be without a supporting cast? In addition to those eight central characters, you’ll find four more Skill Cards for completely different characters. And while they don’t have ready-to-play Decks, the Speed Duel GX: Duel Academy Box includes some of their signature cards to help you build your own strategies, and they’re just getting started! Some of these characters will return in September* – in time for back-to-school season – in the Speed Duel GX: Midterm Paradox Mini Box. Check ’em out.

Tyranno Hassleberry

If you were excited for the Duel Academy Box but you felt like it needed some Dinosaurs, you’re in luck! Up until now, Dinosaurs didn’t have many strategies outside of those offered in Speed Duel Starter Deck: Ultimate Predators. Now you’ve got another option: Tyranno Hassleberry’s new Skill Card, I’ve Got Dino DNA!

You’ll flip Hassleberry’s Skill Card at the start of the Duel, and from there it provides up to three effects every turn. First, you’ll gain 200 Life Points in each of your Draw Phases. Why not, right? Dinosaurs are all about slugging it out, and a little extra LP goes a long way in Speed Duels, since you only start with 4000.

Better yet, if you draw a Dinosaur monster for your normal draw, I’ve Got Dino DNA! lets you reveal it and put it on the bottom of your Deck, then draw another card instead. That means if you draw the wrong dino for the job, you can bury it like a fossil and take another shot at what you need. Again, that’s a bigger advantage in a format with a 20-card Deck minimum – it’s not as hard to draw your best cards!

Finally, once per turn and during your Main Phase, you can use I’ve Got Dino DNA! to buff one of your Dinosaurs by 200 ATK until the end of the turn. That’ll help you stomp over your opponent’s monsters, and close out Duels a little faster. It’s especially good with a certain Dinosaur another one of these bonus characters is bringing to class, but we’ll get to that later…

In the meantime, Hassleberry’s coming armed and ready with Black Brachios, which is new to Speed Duel. Black Brachios clocks in at Level 4 with 1800 ATK. Normal Summon it, and you can target any monster on the field to turn it to face-up defense; awesome when you need to take out a bigger threat with high ATK, but low DEF. Combined with the 200 ATK boost from the Skill Card, it’s a big threat to your opponent’s board, and it can win you the Duel in just two direct attacks!

Bastion Misawa

Hassleberry’s not the only Duelist ready to put their favorite Dinosaur to work. Bastion Misawa’s a very different type of Duelist in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, and he’s bringing one of the greatest Dinosaur monsters of all time back into the spotlight, and straight into Speed Duel. But first, let’s talk about his Skill Card.

Energizing Elements is a really cool Skill that taps into everything Bastion’s about: you’ll keep it face-down until you’re ready to activate it, and when you flip it, you’ll select an Attribute: FIRE, WATER, EARTH, or WIND.  Once you do, monsters with that Attribute gain 500 ATK and lose 400 DEF for the rest of the turn, and any battle damage they deal to your opponent is halved for the turn as well. If at any point you don’t control a monster with that Attribute, Energizing Elements flips and the fun is over.  But if you can hold your ground, you can use that effect again and again, turn after turn.

So why would you want to boost the ATK of your monsters, but reduce the damage they deal? The most common answer is so you can stampede all over your opponent’s monsters and free up the field for a follow-up attack next turn. But Bastion’s also got a trick up his sleeve…Hydrogeddon! (If you’re a huge GX fan, you probably just heard that shouted in Bastion’s voice.)

Yes, you may call WATER for Energizing Elements quite a bit, because Hydrogeddon‘s coming to Speed Duel! Use it to destroy an opposing monster in battle and you’ll Special Summon another copy…which can then attack to destroy another monster in battle, so you can Special Summon your third Hydrogeddon! Since Energizing Elements is a continuous effect, each Hydrogeddon will hit play with a fearsome 2100 Attack Points, ready to sweep the field. There’s one Hydrogeddon per box, but you might also find one as a Secret Rare!

Oh, and if you need even more of Duel Academy’s most calculated combatant? You’ll find cards for Bastion in Speed Duel GX: Midterm Paradox in September.

Syrus Truesdale

Zane isn’t the only Truesdale appearing in the Duel Academy Box. His little bro’s here too, months before his full debut in Speed Duel GX: Midterm Paradox, with a Skill Cards that packs a punch! Lots of Skills deliver ATK boosts, but they often have restrictions, like how Jaden’s Here Goes Something! requires you to control just one monster. Others are easier and act sort of like Field Spells, but offer smaller ATK bonuses, like Dr. Crowler’s or Hassleberry’s Skills; in cases like those the extra attack power isn’t really the main attraction, it’s just part of a package with other effects.

Syrus goes all-in bringing the hurt. His Room for Growth Skill boosts the ATK of any one Level 3 or lower monster by 300x the monster’s Level. That might not sound like a big deal, but it’s as much as 900 ATK for an entire turn, and there are no restrictions on the rest of your field, no demand for a specific monster Type, and no reduction to your battle damage. You only get to use it once per turn, but an extra 900 Attack Points is enough to steal a win or swing over big boss monsters, if you’ve got the right Level 3 to use it.

The Duel Academy Box comes with one of Syrus’ signature cards, Gyroid. It’s a Level 3 with 1000 ATK, and once per turn it can’t be destroyed by battle. That’s cool if you want to build a Machine-Type Syrus Deck. But if you want to run into the GX lore a little bit? Well, the Level 3 monster with the highest ATK in Speed Dueling is Sonic Duck, which wasreleased inSpeed Duel: Attack from the Deep, and Jaden and his pals rode that thing all around the Fourth Dimension in the show. Summon it, give it Room for Growth, and suddenly you’ve got one mad mallard at 2600 ATK!

Banisher of the Radiance was introduced to Speed Duel in the Speed Duel: Battle City Box, and Syrus can buff it to 2500 ATK, letting you swing on a monster and immediately banish it. Dweller in the Depths from Speed Duel: Attack from the Deep starts at 1500 ATK, goes to 2400 ATK with the Skill, and gets 300 more ATK for every Continuous Spell you control. You can even have a 2400 ATK Twin-Headed Behemoth from Speed Duel Starter Deck: Duelists of Tomorrow, or Special Summon a 2300 ATK Gilasaurus fromSpeed Duel Starter Deck: Ultimate Predators! Room for Growth is a big equalizer that can help you turn the tables, and mount Syrus-level comebacks.


Finally, one of the additional characters in the Duel Academy Box is none other than Yubel! More specifically, Yubel possessing Jesse Anderson! Since this set comes with a complete Crystal Beast Deck for Jesse, you can tweak it and instantly have a build for Yubel, too. You’ll start with their unique Skill Card, Consumed By Darkness.

Yubel’s Skill is effectively a Skill Card version of the Field Spell Advanced Dark: when you’re ready to activate it, you flip it and place it into your Field Spell Zone. From there all Crystal Beast monsters on the field and in the Graveyard become DARK. And if a Crystal Beast you control battles and you’d take damage; you can send a Crystal Beast from your Deck to the Graveyard to preserve your Life Points. You’ll load up your Graveyard, turn your monsters DARK, and stall for time… so you might understand where this is all going.

Yeah, that’s right, the other effect of Consumed By Darkness kicks in when an “Ultimate Crystal” monster attacks: you’ll negate the effects of the attack target for the rest of the Battle Phase. And that’s useful, because there are two cards specifically for Yubel in the Duel Academy Box: a backup copy of Advanced Dark, and the “Ultimate Crystal” monster Rainbow Dark Dragon!

With 4000 ATK, Rainbow Dark Dragon can knock out your Speed Dueling opponent in one shot, and you Special Summon it by cashing in those DARK Crystal Beasts you banked with the Skill Card. Just banish any seven DARK monsters from your Graveyard to Special Summon it from your hand, then let it rip. Oh, and if 4000 Attack Points isn’t enough? You can banish whatever DARK monsters you’ve got left to boost it by 500 ATK for each.

The Speed Duel GX: Duel Academy Box is an incredible collection of cards. You can play the Decks right out of the box, you can use the cards to make your own Speed Duel strategies, and as a bonus, it’s got all those sweet, sweet Secret Rares. It takes everything Duelists loved about the Speed Duel: Battle City Box, amps it up, and then makes it all easier to play and enjoy. The Speed Duel GX: Duel Academy Box drops next week on March 31st at your local OTS and Friday April 1st everywhere else.

Many Official Tournament Stores (OTS) will be participating in the Speed Duel GX: Duel Academy Box Release Celebration between April 2nd and May 15th. Duelist can compete in Sealed or Constructed Speed Duel Release Celebration Events for a chance to win the Speed Duel GX: Duel Academy Box Game Mat.

A list of participating OTS can be found on our website:

You won’t want to miss it!

*Subject to change.

Four More Characters from Speed Duel GX: Duel Academy Box

March 17th, 2022

The Speed Duel GX: Duel Academy Box is arriving on Arpil 1st, with a whopping 200 Speed Duel cards, 20 all-new Skill Cards, and 8 collectible Secret Rares per box. Last time around we showed you four characters making their Speed Duel debuts – Jaden, Aster, Chazz, and Jesse. We showed you their Skills, and what their Speed Duel Decks are all about.

This time we’re looking at four more characters featured in the Duel Academy Box, each with two unique Skills and an entire Deck of their own. Square off against your friends in sealed play, pick and choose the cards you want to work with to build your own Speed Duel Deck, or get in some draft Duels! Whatever you want to do, the Duel Academy Box makes it easy, and these four Duel Academy icons are going to play starring roles.

Alexis Rhodes

One of the most enduring fan-favorites of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Alexis Rhodes was one of the top students in Duel Academy’s Obelisk Blue dorm. Her signature Deck revolved around “Cyber” monsters like Cyber Tutu and Etoile Cyber, but her strategy really took off when she started playing Cyber Angel cards as well: powerful Ritual Monsters that have had a big impact on tournament scenes ever since they were first released!

If you play Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG in the current Advanced Format you may be familiar with Cyber Angel Benten and Cyber Angel Idaten, and you’ll find both in Alexis’ portion of the Duel Academy Box. Her Speed Duel Deck represents Alexis at her Obelisk Blue peak, and it’s a combination of her best Ritual and Fusion Monsters: she can break your opponent’s defenses with the effects of Cyber Angel Izana and strike for game, or Fusion Summon a massive Cyber Blader to swing over monsters for big damage.

Alexis’ Deck has lots of support for her Ritual Monsters: Senju of the Thousand Hands and Sonic Bird are classic cards that make Ritual Summoning easier, calling out spectacular monsters without costing you every card you have. Her smaller Ritual Monsters have effects that get you more free cards too, helping balance out the cost of your Ritual Summons.

But she doesn’t rely on Polymerization for her Fusion Summons. Instead, Alexis’ first Skill Card fills the gap, so you never have to wait around: twice per Duel, Cyber Blade Fusion lets you discard a card in place of Polymerization, to Fusion Summon Cyber Blader! You’ll use an Etoile Cyber or Blade Skater from your field as Fusion Material, and the other material can come from your hand, field, or most importantly your Deck. Cyber Blade Fusion also gives Cyber Blader an extra 400 ATK for a total of 2500 Attack Points. Yes, that means if your opponent controls two monsters, Cyber Blader‘s effect will double to a whopping 5000 ATK.

If Fusion Summons aren’t your speed and you’d rather lean in on Ritual Summons, Alexis’ second Skill Card is for you: Machine Angel Ascension flips when you activate it, and from there it offers two once-per-Duel effects. First, you can discard a Spell Card and search your Deck for a “Cyber Angel” Ritual Monster, or a “Machine Angel” Ritual Spell. Then the second effect lets you shuffle a “Cyber Angel” or “Machine Angel” Ritual card from your Graveyard back into your Deck. It helps you put together your best plays, while keeping you from running out of steam.

If you’re building your own Speed Duel Deck you’ll find a lot of great cards here, including Cosmic Cyclone, back again after its Speed Duel debut in the original Battle City Box. You’ll also score D.D. Warrior Lady – you’re guaranteed the Common in Alexis’ Deck, but she’s also appearing as a Secret Rare for the first time ever as one of the random Secret Rares you might find in your Duel Academy Box!

Zane Truesdale

Do you know who else was an Obelisk Blue student? This guy! Zane Truesdale, the King of Duel Academy and the master of Cyber Style Dueling, is in attendance for the Duel Academy Box! And just like you might expect, his Deck’s a mix of the Cyber Dragon and “Cyberdark” strategies, including cards like Cyberdark Dragon, Cyber End Dragon, and the mighty Chimeratech Overdragon!

Does this Deck have Overload Fusion to make a massive Chimeratech for the win? You know it does! It’s also got Future Fusion to set it up, Polymerization to keep the purple monsters flowing, and Cyberdark Impact! to unleash Zane’s dark side. The Main Deck’s loaded with Zane hallmarks like Cyber Phoenix, Cyber Valley, Exploder Dragon, and the trio of Cyberdark Horn, Cyberdark Edge, and Cyberdark Keel. And sure, you’ve got Proto-Cyber Dragon to help you make your Fusion Summons. But you’ve also got the mighty Cyber Dragon itself. You’ll find a Common copy in every Duel Academy Box, but lucky Duelists may also find a Secret Rare!

Zane’s first Skill is an outrageously powerful effect that’s going to end the Duel one way or another: you can activate Forbidden Cyber Style Technique once per Duel, and only if your LP is 1500 or less, and you control no monsters. NaiI those conditions, and you’ll reduce your Life Points to 50 to Special Summon up to 3 Machine “Cyber” monsters from your hand, Deck, or Graveyard, and turn them into Cyber Dragons with 2100 ATK and 1600 DEF! You can’t Tribute them and you can’t attack with anything but Fusion Monsters for the turn. You can’t Summon or Set monsters for the rest of the turn either, except for Fusion Summons. But with the right Fusion card, it’s an instant Cyber End Dragon!

If that all sounds a little too risky, Zane has a second Skill called Cyberdark Style. It’s pretty good too, and to be fair, it won’t make you drop to 50 Life Points. Once per turn, it lets you choose 3 “Cyberdark” monsters from your Deck, and your opponent chooses one at random to add to your hand. Then you choose a card in your hand and shuffle it back into your Deck with the other two “Cyberdark” monsters. You can use this Skill up to three times per Duel, too: once when your LP is 3000 or less, again when you’re under 2000, and a third time if you’re under 1000. It won’t be very useful in sealed play, since you only have three “Cyberdark” monsters; you’ll need to reveal a full three every time you use this Skill. But in regular constructed play you can run multiple copies of each “Cyberdark” monster, so this Skill makes it really easy to unleash Cyberdark Dragon.

Oh, and if Cyber Dragon as a possible Secret Rare wasn’t enough? You might find a Cyber End Dragon Secret Rare, too. It’s been almost 11 years since we last saw Cyber End Dragon in Secret Rare foil, all the way back in Legendary Collection 2 The Duel Academy Years in 2011.

Axel Brodie

Of course, not every student at Duel Academy belonged to Obelisk Blue. In fact, some of the most memorable Duelists in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX were transfers from other schools entirely! We already revealed that Jesse Anderson was in the Duel Academy Box, but you’ll also find Skills for Axel Brodie…and that means his “Volcanic” cards are coming to Speed Duels!

You may already know about Volcanics, but if you need a recap, let’s get to it! Volcanics revolve around Blaze Accelerator: a Continuous Spell that lets you target an opposing monster, discard a Pyro-Type monster with 500 ATK or less, and destroy whatever you targeted. It’s literally just a big cannon that blows away your opponent’s monsters. Your best ammo’s Volcanic Shell, a pint-sized Pyro-Type monster you can discard for Blaze Accelerator. Once Volcanic Shell‘s in your Graveyard, you can pay 500 Life Points for its effect, and search your Deck for another copy to keep up the heat.

You can get your Volcanic Shell with Volcanic Blaster and recycle them with cards like Royal Firestorm Guards, and you can add Blaze Accelerator from your Deck to your hand with Volcanic Rocket. With 1900 ATK the Rocket’s a Level 4 powerhouse in Speed Duels, and it gets you a “Blaze Accelerator” card from your Deck or Graveyard. It’s a fan-favorite, and it’s another Secret Rare you might find in your Duel Academy Box.

Axel’s more advanced strategies never really made it in the Advanced Format, but they get a new lease on life in Speed Duels. You can play an even stronger Continuous Spell Card called Tri-Blaze Accelerator from your hand by sending a face-up Blaze Accelerator from your field to your Graveyard. Tri-Blaze is a lot like the regular Accelerator, but you can fire off any Pyro-Type monster you want – not just the small ones – and when it blows away an opposing monster, you’ll deal 500 damage as well.

On top of that, there’s Volcanic Doomfire. An absolute tyrant, you Special Summon Axel’s boss monster from your hand by sending Tri-Blaze Accelerator from the field to the Graveyard. It’s a 3000 ATK behemoth that forces your opponent’s monsters to attack it. When it destroys a monster in battle, it blows up the rest of your opponent’s monsters with an effect that deals 500 damage for every monster destroyed. Brutal.

Volcanic Doomfire’s pretty incredible, but setting up Tri-Blaze Accelerator is tough, since you need to get Blaze Accelerator going first, then get to Tri-Blaze, and have Volcanic Doomfire in hand. Volcanic Rocket can add either Accelerator card, but it’s still tough to pull off. That’s why Axel’s Skills are both geared to help: his recommended Skill for sealed, Blaze Accelerator Deployment, lets you change the name of a Blaze Accelerator you control to “Tri-Blaze Accelerator.” You can just play Blaze Accelerator, switch its name, and then send it off for Volcanic Doomfire!

Axel’s second Skill might be even better: once per Duel, Volcanic Cannon lets you send Tri-Blaze Accelerator straight from the field to the Graveyard, to Special Summon Volcanic Doomfire from your hand, Graveyard, or your Deck! That means as long as you draw one of the “Blaze Accelerator” Spell Cards, you can search the other with Volcanic Rocket, play your Spells, and then use the Skill Card to put Volcanic Doomfire right into play, even if you never drew it. With three copies of Volcanic Rocket in a constructed Deck, that could be a big deal in Speed Duel tournaments.

Dr. Vellian Crowler

Finally, the Duel Academy Box isn’t just about students! Dr. Vellian Crowler’s making his Speed Duel debut, complemented by the clockwork chaos of his Ancient Gear cards! The majority of Ancient Gear monsters have effects that stop your opponent from activating Spell or Trap Cards when they attack. That’s not super useful in the Advanced Format. But in Speed Duels? It can play around some very powerful stuff.

Crowler’s got strong basic attackers on his side, cards like Mechanicalchaser and Ancient Gear Knight, but his real strength lies in his higher-Level monsters. Ancient Gear Beast and the legendary Ancient Gear Golem normally require a Tribute to Normal Summon, but you can work around that with cards like Geartown, Card Advance, and Ancient Gear Castle. Monsters like Giant Rat and The Trojan Horse can help too, and you’ll even find Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive to balance out the sheer cost of Tribute Summoning. Oh, and Dekoichi? It’s also a possible Secret Rare here, for the first time in Dueling history!

Crowler’s also packing the Fusion Monster Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem, a 4400 ATK behemoth that inflicts piercing battle damage and has that Ancient Gear-type protection when it’s attacking. If it’s ever destroyed, you get to Special Summon the regular Ancient Gear Golem from your Graveyard, too. Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem‘sawesome, but it’s normally tough to Summon: it needs Ancient Gear Golem and two more Ancient Gear monsters as Fusion Materials, plus a Fusion Spell to bring it all together.

But don’t worry: in sealed play, the recommended Skill for Crowler’s Deck is Ancient Fusion. It’s another Skill that sort of replaces Polymerization: once per Duel, you can discard a card to Fusion Summon an Ancient Gear Fusion Monster, using monsters from your field as Fusion Material. And good news: if one of your Fusion Materials on the field is Ancient Gear Golem, you can use monsters from your hand or Deck for the rest. Your opponent won’t take damage for the remainder of the turn, and the damage from the Fusion Monster is halved, but if you can get Ancient Gear Golem on the table you’ll upgrade to Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem faster than you can say “puffy ruffled shirt collar.”

Crowler’s other Skill might be familiar to Yu-Gi-Oh! DUEL LINKS players. It’s called Middle Age Mechs, and it’s basically an Ancient Gear Castle that starts in play. You flip it at the start of your first turn, you put it in your center Spell & Trap Zone, and from that point it boosts your Ancient Gears by 300 ATK. Also, each time a monster’s Normal Summoned or Set, Middle Age Mechs gets a counter, and you can Tribute it for the Tribute Summon of a high-Level Ancient Gear (each counter replaces one Tribute). That helps you make the most of something like Ancient Gear Engineer if you don’t have a spare monster, and it makes Summoning Ancient Gear Golem super easy. Again, Ancient Gear Golem‘s way powerful in Speed Duels. Its piercing damage is huge, in a format where your opponent only has 4000 Life Points.

That’s all for today, but we’re not done yet! Yu-Gi-Oh! GX was all about guest spots, so in our final article we’ll show you four supporting characters with new Skills and a few cards in the Duel Academy Box: Bastion Misawa, Syrus Truesdale, Tyranno Hassleberry, and Jesse…? No… that’s…! Stay tuned, you won’t want to miss it!

The Next Generation of Speed Duels Is Here!

March 10th, 2022

The Speed Duel: Battle City Box dropped back in December of 2020. It was a massive collection of over 200 Speed Duel cards, and a great jumping-on point for Deck building. It was also an 8-player sealed experience, perfect for Games Night! On top of that, it was a hit with collectors because each box came with 8 Secret Rares: 3 Egyptian God Cards, and 5 Secret Rare upgrades of cards from the set.

The Speed Duel GX: Duel Academy Box takes everything people loved about the Battle City Box and amps it up:

  • It has 200 Speed Duel cards, and lots of them are new to Speed Dueling
  • There are also 20 all-new Skill Cards
  • It’s still got 8 Secret Rares in each box, but this time they’re all random

A bunch of those Secret Rares are Time Wizard staples like Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive, D.D. Warrior Lady, Apprentice Magician and Don Zaloog! You’ll also find Secret Rare reprints of modern favorites like Destiny HERO – Dasher and Destiny HERO – Plasma, as well as Cyber Dragon, Volcanic Rocket, Ojama King, Polymerization and more.

And while this is the first-ever Speed Duel release featuring characters from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, it won’t be the last. With the Speed Duel GX: Midterm Paradox Mini Box coming on September 2*, the Speed Duel format will continue to evolve, and you’ll have more opportunities to play.

But September’s a long way away! For now, let’s take a look at some of the characters featured in the Speed Duel GX: Duel Academy Box, their out-of-the-box Decks, their Skill Cards, and how they play. Get ready, because school is in session and we’ve got the crash course you’ve been waiting for.

Jaden Yuki

Where else would we start? From Slifer slacker to the star student of Duel Academy and a lot of stuff in between, Jaden’s story is one of the wildest rides in the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise. More than that, his Elemental HERO theme is one of the biggest fan-favorites in the regular Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, and they’re bound to be a hit in Speed Duels too.

In the Speed Duel GX: Duel Academy Box, Jaden’s Deck is loaded with all the heroic action you’d expect. You’ll find Elemental HERO Avian, Elemental HERO Burstinatrix, Elemental HERO Clayman, and Elemental HERO Sparkman, along with their key Fusion Monsters: Elemental HERO Flame Wingman, Elemental HERO Thunder Giant, and Elemental HERO Rampart Blaster. It’s also got Elemental HERO Bubbleman, Elemental HERO Bladedge, Elemental HERO Wildheart and Elemental HERO Necroshade, with Fusions Monsters like Elemental HERO Steam Healer and Elemental HERO Plasma Vice.

Jaden’s Deck really revolves around those Fusion Monsters, so it’s loaded with cards that can help you find the right heroes at the right time: Fusion Sage, Reinforcement of the Army, Fusion Recovery, and Hero Signal all help you put together your plays. And if you need a little extra power, or a little more defense to squeak through the Duel, you can rely on Skyscraper, R – Righteous Justice, Negate Attack and more to make your comebacks, or hammer home a win.

The Duel Academy Box comes with two Skill Cards to power up Jaden’s Heroes. The first is called Here Goes Something! and you can activate it once per Duel, at the start of your Battle Phase, while you control just one “Elemental HERO” and no other monsters. It boosts your Elemental HERO by 800 ATK whenever it battles another monster, and lets you attack all of your opponent’s monsters, once each. It stops you from Special Summoning for the rest of the turn, but it’s a great way to use one smaller Elemental HERO to level the playing field, or power up a bigger one to dish out Duel-dominating damage! On the surface it looks a lot like Jaden’s classic Field Spell, Skyscraper. But Skyscraper only works when your Elemental HERO monster’s outmatched and would lose the battle otherwise. Here Goes Something! works anytime, even if it’s just helping you pound your opponent’s monsters for extra damage.

If you’re running the Jaden Deck right out of the box in sealed play, it’s recommended that you use Here Goes Something! But the Duel Academy Box also comes with an additional Skill called The Right Hero for the Job, which will help get you the right Elemental HERO monster for whatever situation you may find yourself in! You can flip and activate The Right Hero for the Job in your Main Phase, once per Duel. It lets you shuffle an “Elemental HERO” monster from your field back into your Deck, and then Special Summon a different Level 4 or lower “Elemental HERO” monster from your Main Deck. It helps you get whatever you need for a Fusion Summon, and in a pinch it can even Special Summon Elemental HERO Bubbleman to draw you two cards. You can even use The Right Hero for the Job while you control other monsters, perfect for setting up your Elemental HERO Fusion Summon strategies!

Aster Phoenix

Up next is Jaden’s pro league rival Aster Phoenix. The Destiny HERO monsters are one of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG’s most enduring themes, and Aster’s Deck in the Duel Academy Box is all about making the most of his crazy monster effects.

Aster’s arsenal has everything from Destiny HERO – Fear Monger, Destiny HERO – Doom Lord, and Destiny HERO – Diamond Dude, to heavy-hitters like Destiny HERO – Malicious, Destiny HERO – Dogma, and the game-crushing Destiny HERO – Plasma. On the surface it kind of feels a bit like Jaden’s Deck, assembling combos to  Fusion Summon Destiny End Dragoon and Destiny HERO – Dangerous. But cards like Dark City, Over Destiny, D – Chain, and Destiny HERO – Blade Master let you do more work with your regular Main Deck monsters, instead of relying so much on the purple guys.

Also? Aster’s Skills are very cool. His main Skill for sealed play is Powerful Group of Guys, which you can flip when you control a “Destiny HERO” and no other monsters, if your opponent controls more monsters than you. It lets you Special Summon any “Destiny HERO” monster from your hand or Deck with a lower Level than the one you have. It limits you from Special Summoning anything except “Destiny HERO” monsters for the turn, but it sets up your Fusion Summons, and more than that it helps you get some really cool effects on the table. Destiny HERO – Dasher and Destiny HERO – Malicious make it really easy to get a higher-Level Destiny HERO for it, but if you manage to get out Destiny HERO – Plasma all bets are off and you can bring out whatever you want.

Aster’s additional Skill Card is awesome! You can flip Looking into the Future during your Main Phase, to look at the top three cards of your Deck and reorder them however you want. You can’t use Spell Cards the turn you activate it, but you can use it to make sure you draw the best cards possible, and it sets you up to make big plays with stuff like Destiny HERO – Dasher and Destiny HERO – Diamond Dude. Getting to pick the card you Summon with Dasher, or the free Spell you score with Diamond Dude, is really good.

Oh, and if you’re a Speed Duel veteran looking to build your own Decks from scratch? Aster’s got Night Beam too, which was only available as an Ultra Rare in Speed Duel: Scars of Battle. Sweet. 

Chazz Princeton

If you’ve ever wanted to “Chazz it Up” for real, but you could never make it happen in the regular Advanced Format, well, good news: Chazz Princeton finally gets his due in the Duel Academy Box! Chazz’s Deck is all about bending the rules, and the result is some seriously off-the-wall strategies.

While lots of Decks in the Duel Academy Box focus on singular strategies like Elemental HERO or Destiny HERO, Chazz’s Deck is all over the place: it’s got his Ojamas, it’s got his Armed Dragons, and it even has everything you’d need to Fusion Summon VW-Tiger Catapult! Plenty of his cards only work with one set of monsters, like Ojamagic, Ojama Delta Hurricane!! and Tri-Wight, but there’s also plenty of stuff that can bridge the gap, or even reward you for mixing and matching themes, like Ojamatch, which lets you add both “Ojama” and “Armed Dragon” monster cards to your hand.

Chazz’s main Skill is outrageous: Land of the Ojamas flips into your Field Spell Zone at the start of the Duel, and once per turn, it lets you send an “Ojama” card from your hand to the Graveyard to Special Summon an “Ojama” from the Graveyard. That’s useful, but the kicker is that as long as you control an “Ojama” monster, the original ATK and DEF of all monsters on the field get switched, yours and your opponent’s. It’s basically the Field Spell Ojama Country, except you start with it every game and it doesn’t cost you a card from your hand.

Just like Ojama Country, you’ll want to combo it with Ojamagic to get Ojama Yellow, Ojama Black, and Ojama Green. From there you can unleash them with Ojama Red, or play Polymerization to fuse them into Ojama Knight or Ojama King. Those monsters have 2500 DEF and 3000 DEF respectively, so they turn into giant attackers with Land of the Ojamas.

Chazz’s additional Skill Card mimics a Spell Card that dropped just before the GX-era kicked off! Armed and Ready! works once per Duel to send a “LV” monster you control to the Graveyard, then Special Summons the leveled-up version from your hand, Deck, or Graveyard. That means you can Normal Summon Armed Dragon LV3 and immediately upgrade it to Armed Dragon LV5 for a 2400 ATK beater with an effect that destroys weaker monsters. Or, keep Armed Dragon LV3 on the field for one turn, use its effect in the Standby Phase to bring out Armed Dragon LV5, and then flip Armed and Ready! to Special Summon Armed Dragon LV7 as early as your second turn. With 2800 ATK, Armed Dragon LV7 lets you pitch a monster from your hand to the Graveyard to destroy all opposing monsters with lower Attack Points. It’s basically a free version of the Spell Card Level Up! that’s always ready.

Jesse Anderson

Finally, everybody’s favorite exchange student makes his Speed Duel debut, with his signature Crystal Beasts! The Crystal Beasts have always been huge for GX fans, with their unique “crystallization” mechanic and its huge payoffs. If you missed it, face-up Crystal Beasts all turn into Continuous Spells in your Spell & Trap Zone; from there, you’ll use monster effects, Spell Cards, and Trap Cards to either Special Summon them, or send them to the Graveyard for powerful effects.

The Duel Academy Box has all seven of the classic Crystal Beasts, including Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle, Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth, Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat, Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise, Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger, Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle, and the ever-popular Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus! Load up on crystallized monsters with Crystal Release, Crystal Blessing, and Crystal Tree, then use them to draw cards with Rare Value, destroy an opponent’s card with Crystal Raigeki, and Special Summon them with Crystal Promise and Crystal Conclave.

The faster you fill your Spell & Trap Card Zones with Crystal Beasts, the faster you can use your best effects, and Jesse’s main Skill Card makes this happen: flip Crystal Transcendence and once per turn, during your Main Phase, you can send as many as three cards from your hand to the Graveyard, then take the same number of “Crystal Beasts” from your Deck and crystallize them to your Spell & Trap Zone instantly! The best part? You can use it twice per Duel.

Some of Jesse’s biggest cards require more than three “Crystal Beast” cards. But in Speed Duels, you only have three Spell & Trap Card Zones. Ancient City – Rainbow Ruins lets you draw an extra card every turn if you have four “Crystal Beast” cards, and if you have five you can Special Summon any one of them. How do you make it work in Speed Duels? The Skill Card Rainbow Crystal Collection is the answer: you flip it at the start of the Duel, and from that point forward whenever a face-up “Crystal Beast” monster would be destroyed, you can keep it in your Monster Zone and give it a Crystallization Counter instead.

Monsters with Crystallization Counters are treated as Continuous Spell Cards instead of monsters, and while they still occupy a Monster Zone, they’re also considered to be in your Spell & Trap Zone, without actually occupying one those three Zones. If a monster with a Crystallization Counter would be Special Summoned, you remove the counter. It basically lets you use your Monster Zones as extra Spell & Trap Zones, unlocking those bigger effects and leaving room in your backrow for other cards. That means you’ll get the full power of Ancient City – Rainbow Ruins, but it’ll also be easier to play stuff like Crystal Raigeki and Rainbow Gravity.

That’s all for today but there are still four more characters with two Skill Cards each: Zane Truesdale, Axel Brodie, Dr. Vellian Crowler and Alexis Rhodes!  We’ll talk about those characters and more in upcoming articles, so stay tuned. The Speed Duel GX: Duel Academy Box arrives on April 1st, and we’ve still got lots more to show you.

*Release date subject to change

Speed Duel GX: Duel Academy Box!

February 18th, 2022

The next generation of Yu-Gi-Oh! Speed Duel arrives on March 18th* with the launch of Speed Duel GX: Duel Academy Box. Loaded with 8 unique Decks that are ready to play right out of the box, the Speed Duel GX: Duel Academy Box is designed for beginners to Speed Duel as well as existing fans of Speed Duel. The box includes several “Speed Duel Essential” cards like Book of Moon, Sphere Kuriboh,and Floodgate Trap Hole – perfect for Duelists who are trying Speed Duel out for the first time or for those who are re-visiting! As the name implies, the Speed Duel GX: Duel Academy Box features characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX series. Skill cards of Jaden Yuki, Aster Phoenix, Chazz Princeton, Alexis Rhodes and others are included along with their signature monster and Deck strategies. Save the city with Jaden’s Elemental HERO monsters! Defend the night with Aster Phoenix’s Destiny HERO monsters. Steal the spotlight with Chazz Princeton’s Ojama monsters and much more!

The Speed Duel GX: Duel Academy Box can be played several ways. While intended to be played right out of the box, special rules for both sealed draft and sealed cube formats are included. Draft with friends or customize and build your own draft cube – the Speed Duel GX: Duel Academy Box is a great starting point for customizing sealed play for groups of friends to play together. Several Decks can be made by combining multiple copies of the Duel Academy Box together, which provides a great opportunity for Duelists to bring their friends and family into the game!

Each box includes 200 game cards and 20 Skill cards. Also included is an 8-card Secret Rare promo pack from a selection of 24 cards, including several GX era classics like Elemental HERO Flame Wingman, Destiny HERO – Dasher, and Ojama King. The Duel Academy Box packaging also doubles as a storage box, featuring Jaden, Aster, and all the characters featured in the set, providing the perfect storage for a growing collection!

Following the release of Speed Duel GX: Duel Academy Box is Speed Duel Tournament Pack 3, which will be available to OTS starting March 25th*. Designed with newcomers in mind, Speed Duel Tournament Pack 3 is loaded with cards some newer Speed Duelists may not have access to. Several cards from the Speed Duel Starter Decks: Match of the Millennium and Speed Duel Starter Decks: Twisted Nightmares are available again as Super and Ultra Rare cards. The pack also features 20 Common versions of powerful Speed Duel cards like Parasite Paranoid, Santa Claws, Zombina and more to collect. Also, in the set are updated card text versions of Skill Cards like Cocoon of Ultra Evolution and others.

It’s a whole new year with the Speed Duel: GX Duel Academy Box so don’t miss out!

Don’t forget, to use a card in Speed Duel it must have the Speed Duel symbol on the card. Cards without the symbol are not legal for Speed Duel. However, Speed Duel cards can be used in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG (with the exception of Skill Cards).

*Dates subject to change