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Round 10 Feature Match: Joshua Dickerson vs. Julian Harvey

October 22nd, 2023

Welcome to Day 2 of YCS Indianapolis! We’ve got Joshua Dickerson, from Indianapolis, and he’s the sole Gold Pride Duelist in Day 2! This archetype lives on the edge, paying lots of life for big benefits. He’s up against Julian Harvey, from Chicago, playing a Dark World Purrely Deck! It utilizes the discard effects of the Purrely Memory cards, along with Ken the Warrior Dragon and Gen the Diamond Tiger, to enable Dark World cards. Both of these Duelists have suffered two losses so far, so they’ll need to win this Match for a chance to make it to the Top 32.

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Round 2 Feature Match: Bobby Kenny vs. Christopher Kim

July 8th, 2023

Round 2 is about to begin! We’re here with Bobby Kenny, from Orlando, FL, playing a 60-card Gold Pride P.U.N.K. Deck! The P.U.N.K. cards help ensure his LP are lower for his Gold Pride cards, and the combination gives him a ton of options for big Synchro plays. His opponent is Christopher Kim, from Seattle, WA, playing Labrynth! Totally packed with Trap Cards, this Deck hits hard and is very resilient.

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