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Round 10: Nicholas Newberry vs. Diego Colin

February 19th, 2012

Nicholas Newberry from Charlotte, North Carolina is Dueling against Diego Colin from Atlanta, Georgia in this Round 10 Feature Match! Both Duelists are 8-1 in the tournament – Newberry made it this far with Inzektors and Colin got here with his Dino Rabbit Deck. Both Decks are popular this weekend and have been played out on the tournament floor numerous times. This is sure to be an exciting Match!
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Saturday’s Dragon Duel: David Munoz vs. Nicky Reardon

February 18th, 2012

11-year-old David Munoz from Florida is playing in his first ever Dragon Duel this weekend! So far he’s doing quite well. He made it to the final round with a perfect 4-0 record, where he’ll be facing off against another undefeated Dragon Duelist – 12-year-old Nicky Reardon from Virginia! Reardon has played in Dragon Duels at Regional events before, but he has never entered one at a YCS event. Both of these Duelists are running Inzektor Decks, but only one of them will be able to win this Match and become Saturday’s Dragon Duel Champion!
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