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Team YCS Las Vegas: Our Favorite Team Names

February 22nd, 2020

We looked through the list of teams and picked out some of the best.

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Deck Profile: Steven Darling’s Destiny Board

October 5th, 2019

The spirit of the Millennium Ring has found a new host! Steven Darling has been possessed by the power of Zorc and is now wielding Bakura’s Destiny Board cards!

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North America WCQ: Get a Token Made at the Token Booth!

July 1st, 2018

The Token Booth is back for the 2018 North America WCQ!

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Check Out This Pot of Greed!

February 17th, 2018

YCS Atlanta Bounty Duelist Dimitrius Scameheorn is a high school senior at Kenwood High School in Clarksville, Tennessee. And for his art class, he made the coolest project I’ve ever seen. Luckily for us, he brought that project to YCS Atlanta so we can see it.


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