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Top 32 Feature Match: Alexander Thomas Versus Norberto Leon

July 14th, 2013

Norberto Leon made his breakout showing last November at YCS Seattle, where he took second place with Mermails and set the competitive tone for months to come.  Since then we’ve seen him put in strong showings at big events like YCS San Diego, and this weekend he’s made the Top 32 again with Prophecy!

But his opponent made his rep in Seattle as well, and he’s the only competitor left in the tournament who’s not playing Dragon Rulers or Prophecy!  Alexander Thomas has taken two top 8 finishes at Seattle Regional Qualifiers in the past year, both times with his sweet deck of choice.  Now he’s looking to raise the bar, vying to become US Champion with – wait for it – Madolches!  Would Thomas make it to the Top 16, or would Leon shut him out of the tournament and claim that spot for himself?  Let’s find out!

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