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Round 7 Feature Match: Haris Mirzada vs. Gilles Thomas

November 4th, 2023

This Round 7 Feature Match is going to be a banger! We have two Duelists with 5-1 records and Decks that truly stand out against the expected field. First up is Haris Mirzada, from nearby Bristow, Virginia. Mirzada’s using an Adventure Plunder Patroll Deck with Synchros, Xyz, and Links, while getting extra advantage from the Adventure engine’s tokens and interactions.

His opponent is Gilles Thomas, from not-so-nearby Paris, France! He’s using a Dinomorphia Exosister Deck, looking to make explosive plays that lock down the field and Graveyard at the cost of his own Life Points.

Gilles Thomas
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Round 3 Feature Match: Douglas “The Captain” Haddad vs. Michael Bowden

April 1st, 2023

It’s Round 3, and we have another Bounty Duelist Feature Match! Douglas “The Captain” Haddad is here from Closter, NJ, representing the scurvy dogs of the Plunder Patroll! We’ve put a bounty on the head of this pirate, and Michael Bowden, from Las Vegas, NV, is looking to claim that bounty for himself with his HERO Deck! Will the HEROes triumph over these scallywags, or fall in the face of The Captain’s naval superiority?

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