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Top 64 Feature Match: Omar Jones vs. Charley Futch

July 9th, 2023

Over 3,000 Duelists have battled it out here at the North America World Championship Qualifier, and the Swiss rounds are over! Only 64 Duelists remain, and it’s single elimination from this point on. With us now are Omar Jones, from Baltimore, MD, and Charley Futch, from Indianapolis, IN. Jones is playing a Spright Deck with a twist – it’s packing Gishki! The Gishki cards have many Level 2’s to pair with the Sprights, and Evigishki Neremanas is a powerful card to stop his opponents. Futch is the 2018 Dragon Duel World Champion, and has quickly become a mainstay of competitive Dueling. He’s using a Dragon Link strategy, which chains Dragons after Dragons to get powerful Link and Synchro Monsters on the field.

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Top 8 Feature Match: Mike Thomas vs. Bill Wei

June 25th, 2023

Mike Thomas, from Chicago, is back for another Feature Match! Despite his terrible luck in his previous Round 7 Feature Match, he was able to persevere with his Dragon Link Deck to the Top 8! He’s up against Bill Wei, from Indiana, playing Kashtira. They’ve played well to make it this far, but only one of these Duelists can advance to the Top 4!

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Round 8 Feature Match: Steven Santoli vs. Alexandre April

June 24th, 2023

Day 1 is nearly complete, but that doesn’t mean these Duelists can rest! We’ve got Steven Santoli, from Hamilton, ON, play Exosisters! He’s hoping their Graveyard control will help against the Bystials in the Dragon Link Deck piloted by Alexandre April, from Montreal, QC. April will need to play carefully around all the Exosister effects if he wants to combo off!

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