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Round 2 Feature Match: Forbes Ku Versus Zane Rodriguez

April 1st, 2023

The vibe here at the 250th YCS is a little different, and one of the reasons for that is cosplay! While the average Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series might see one or two Duel fans dressed like Kitchen Dragonmaidor Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss, there are WAY more costumed competitors here this weekend. Some of the standout cosplayers aren’t even dressed as monsters; they’re taking inspiration from their favorite themes and running with it. 

Forbes Ku, ready to serve up defeat

Example? Forbes Ku has styled himself as a Suship chef, complete with chef’s hat, jacket, and an awesome custom-made game mat that doubles as a fully functional cutting board. It’s real, it’s heavy, and it’s made out of solid wood. It’s early here in Day 1 and Ku’s creativity got him a spot as a Bounty Duelist, so before we get to the Kashtira mirrors we want to see his Deck in action in our Round 2 Feature Match!

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