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Sunday’s Dragon Duel Feature Match: Jack Leiher vs. Connor Perrotta

May 14th, 2017

This is the last round of the Dragon Duel tournament for Sunday. All Dragon Duel tournaments at a YCS are played in a Sealed format. Players are given 50 cards opened from 10 packs of Battle Pack: Epic Dawn and must construct a Deck of a minimum of 40 cards from only those cards. We’re taking a look at Table 1 where the winner will be undefeated and will likely be the winner of the tournament. Jack Leiher from Zenia, Ohio is here facing Connor Perrotta from Rome, New York. Which Duelist will end the day undefeated?  Let’s find out! It’s time to Duel!

Duel 1

Leiher started off with an opening hand of Monster Gate, Insect Knight, Vortex Trooper, Fabled Raven and Wind-Up Solider. He Normal Summoned Vortex Trooper, sending back Fabled Raven and Wind-Up Soldier to draw Mirror Force and Spell Shield Type-8. He then activated Monster Gate, Tributing Vortex Trooper to Special Summon Twin-Headed Behemoth off the top of the Deck. He Set two Traps and passed.

Perrotta Normal Summoned Ape Fighter. He used it to attack Twin-Headed Behemoth but ran into Mirror Force!  He Set 2 cards to the back row and passed.

Leiher drew Shadow Spell. He switched Twin-Headed Behemoth to Attack Position, Normal Summoned Insect Knight and attacked with Twin-Headed Behemoth for 1500 points of damage; but Insect Knight’s attack was bounced back with Magic Cylinder!  Leiher Set Shadow Spell and passed.

Perrotta Normal Summoned Exiled Force and then equipped it with his face-down Axe of Despair!  When Perrotta entered the Battle Phase, Leiher activated Shadow Spell on Exiled Force. In Main Phase 2, Perrotta used Exiled Force’s effect to destroy Insect Knight.

Leiher drew Reckless Greed, Set it and had Twin-Headed Behemoth attack directly.

Perrotta Set a card to his back row and passed.

Leiher drew Tour Guide From the Underworld!  He then activated Reckless Greed, drawing Mad Reloader and Dark Bribe!  He Set Dark Bribe then Normal Summoned Tour Guide From the Underworld and proceeded to attack with both monsters for 2500 points of damage total, leaving Perrotta at 2500 to Leiher’s 6100 Life Points.

Perrotta Set a monster and passed.

Leiher was forced to skip his Draw Phase due to Reckless Greed. He had Twin-Headed Behemoth attack the face-down monster, and when Perrotta activated Windstorm of Equata, Leiher negated it with Dark Bribe!  The attack went through, destroying Dekoichi, the Battlechanted Locomotive. Tour Guide From the Underworld attacked directly.

Perrotta activated Harpie’s Feather Duster, clearing away the Set Spell Shield Type-8. He Set a monster and a Spell or Trap Card and passed.

Leiher skipped his second Draw Phase. He attacked into the face-down monster, but Perrotta stopped the attack with Fiendish ChainTour Guide From the Underworld attacked into the face-down Cloudian – Poison Cloud which bounced off for no damage.

Perrotta Tributed Poison Cloud to Tribute Summon Caius the Shadow Monarch!  Its effect banished the face-down Mad Reloader, dealing 1000 points of damage to Leiher, then Caius the Shadow Monarch attacked Tour Guide From the Underworld.

Leiher drew The Tricky. Twin-Headed Behemoth was switched to Defense Position.

Perrotta Special Summoned Power Giant by discarding Psi-Blocker. Power Giant attacked into Twin-Headed, then Caius declared a direct attack. Twin-Headed Behemoth came back to the field in the End Phase.

Leiher drew Archfiend Soldier. He switched Twin-Headed Behemoth to Defense and Set the Archfiend Soldier.

Perrotta Tributed Power Giant for Airknight Parshath!  Airknight attacked into Twin-Headed Behemoth, dealing piercing damage and drawing Perrotta a card. Caius attacked into and destroyed Archfiend Solider.

Leiher drew Kunai with Chain, and Set it.

Perrotta attempted to attack with Airknight for game, but it was turned to Defense Position by Kunai with Chain. Caius’s attack, however, couldn’t be stopped, giving Perrotta the win!


dd sunday game 1


Duel 2

Leiher elected to go first. He started with a hand of Mobius the Frost Monarch, Pitch-Black Warwolf, Milla the Temporal Magician, Monster Gate and Divine Wrath. He Normal Summoned Milla, Set Divine Wrath, and passed.

Perrotta Normal Summoned Voltic Kong, which attacked into Milla, destroying both monsters.

Leiher drew Goblindberg for turn. He normal Summoned it, then used its effect to Special Summon Pitch-Black Warwolf, and both monsters were used to Xyz Summon Number 39: Utopia!  He tried to attack with Utopia and Perrotta discarded Arcana Force XIV – Temperance to try and stop the battle damage; but Leiher negated it with Divine Wrath!   Leiher discarded Mobius and Utopia’s battle damage went through!




Perrotta drew for turn, Set a monster, and a Set a card to his back row.

Leiher drew Spell Shield Type-8. He attacked with Utopia into the face-down Dekoichi, the Battlechanted Locomotive, drawing Perrotta a card.

Perrotta Normal Summoned Fortress Warrior then tried to equip it with the face-down Axe of Despair, but Leiher responded with Spell Shield Type-8Axe of Despair was negated and destroyed!  Perrotta followed-up with Tribute to the Doomed, discarding Stealth Bird and destroying Utopia!  Fortress Warrior Attacked directly for 600 points of damage.




Leiher Normal Summoned Gagaga Magician and passed.

Perrotta Tributed Fortress Warrior for Caius the Shadow Monarch!  It banished the Gagaga Magician, dealing 1000 points of damage, then Perrotta equipped it with Axe of Despair and attacked for 3400!  He Set one card to the back row and passed.

Leiher used Bait Doll on Perrotta’s face-down card, revealing it to be Monster Gate. He Set his own Monster Gate and passed, but on Perrotta’s turn, Perrotta attacked with Caius the Shadow Monarch to take the Match!


dd sunday game 2

Connor Perrotta wins the Feature Match!