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Finals Feature Match: Imran Khan vs. Faisal Khan

October 22nd, 2017

This is it! 1128 Duelists are down to just 2: the Khan brothers. 23-year-old Imran Khan and 19-year-old Faisal Khan live with one another in Chicago, and constantly Duel against one another other back home. They discuss strategies and work together to create their ideal Decks. This weekend, Imran and Faisal are using identical Main, Side, and Extra Decks that they helped one another perfect. Their Dueling efforts paid off, as they are now Dueling against one another in the Finals of YCS Dallas for the biggest Match of their lives. It’s time to Duel!


Duel One

Faisal started off Duel 1 by Normal Summoning SPYRAL Quik-Fix and using its effect to add SPYRAL GEAR – Drone from his Deck to his hand.



He activated Double Summon next, Normal Summoning the Drone to his field. He activated its effect, but Imran destroyed the Drone by discarding Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit. Nevertheless, Faisal rearranged the top 3 cards of Imran’s Deck. Faisal ended his turn with no further play.


Imran drew a card for his turn and had Drone, Ghost Ogre, Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, Machine Duplication, and SPYRAL Super Agent in his hand. He Normal Summoned the Drone and activated its effect to rearrange the top 3 cards of Faisal’s Deck. Next, he activated Machine Duplication, and Faisal discarded Ash Blossom to stop it. Imran Special Summoned Super Agent to his field next, and Faisal conceded, already blown away by his older brother’s cards.



Imran Khan takes the victory in the first Duel!


Duel Two

Faisal started off Duel 2 by Summoning Quik-Fix and activating its effect to add SPYRAL GEAR – Utility Wire to his hand. Next, he tried to Special Summon Super Agent from his hand, guessing that the top card of Imran’s Deck was a monster, but he revealed a Spell: Reinforcement of the Army. Next, he used Double Summon to Normal Summon the Super Agent, and Link Summoned SPYRAL Double Helix. He activated its effect declaring “Spell”, but Imran negated it with Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring! Khan activated One for One next by sending Artifact Scythe from his hand to his Graveyard, and Imran Chained Maxx “C”! Faisal Special Summoned Drone from his Deck, Imran drew a card thanks to Maxx “C”, and then Faisal rearranged the top 3 cards of Imran’s Deck with Drone’s effect. He Set a card to his back row and then ended his turn.


Imran drew a card and then had SPYRAL Resort, Foolish Burial, Reinforcement of the Army, SPYRAL Quik-Fix, and SPYRAL Super Agent in his hand.



He activated the Resort and tried using its effect, but it was placed back on top of his Deck when Faisal flipped Utility Wire. Next, Imran activated Foolish Burial, sending Quik-Fix from his Deck to his Graveyard. He Special Summoned Super Agent from his hand next by declaring “Monster” and revealing Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring from the top of Faisal’s Deck. Faisal immediately conceded to his older brother, realizing that he couldn’t contend with the field that Imran was about to amass.



Imran Khan defeats his younger brother to become the champion of YCS Dallas 2017!