Top 32 Deck Breakdown!

October 22nd, 2017

We have finally made it to our Top 32!  Here are the Top 32 Duelists and the Decks they’re playing!


  • Gabriel Mathhias Marini (SPYRAL)
  • Justin Paul Gardner (SPYRAL)
  • Sean Thomas Hinson (SPYRAL)
  • Daniel Ye Garcia (SPYRAL)
  • Drew Warren Johnson (Trickstar)
  • Daniel Arthur Thorp (SPYRAL)
  • Hani Yasser Jawhari (SPYRAL)
  • Mohammed Imran Khan (SPYRAL)
  • Nicholas David Fantus-Reininger (SPYRAL)
  • Alexander Louis Cancel (SPYRAL)
  • Brendan Elijiah Beckmann (SPYRAL)
  • Ryan Arthur Levine (SPYRAL)
  • Gerardo Varela (SPYRAL)
  • Jeremy David Cummins (SPYRAL)
  • Bryan Rayos (Trickstar)
  • Ethan Robert Thomas Tucker (SPYRAL)
  • Dean Edward Arbuckle (SPYRAL)
  • Ruben Andres Penaranda (SPYRAL)
  • Peter Michael Serrano-Vargas (SPYRAL)
  • Sebastian Carballo (SPYRAL)
  • Manuel Alejandro Lopez Marquez (SPYRAL)
  • Mohammed Faisal Khan (SPYRAL)
  • Romello DeShawn Tyrone Wilson (SPYRAL)
  • Michael Joseph Tamez (SPYRAL)
  • Ed Elton Devera Acepcion (Invoked)
  • Marcello Barberi (SPYRAL)
  • Joseph Collins Gray (SPYRAL)
  • Michael Forner (SPYRAL)
  • Kobe Louis Short (SPYRAL)
  • Brian Nicholas Snow (SPYRAL)
  • Kevin Michael Ward II (SPYRAL)
  • Robert Joseph Scarpelli Jr. (SPYRAL)


The Deck breakdown is as follows:

Trickstar: 2
Invoked: 1
As we’ve seen throughout the day, SPYRALS have been all over the tournament, and the Top Cut is no exception.  While the chances are small, the 3 non-SPYRAL Decks can still eek out a win.  Stay tuned to see if pop idols, summoned beasts, or secret agents can take the win here at YCS Dallas!