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Top 32 Duelists and Decks!

February 18th, 2018

Are you curious about which Duelists and Decks made it into the Top 32 of the first YCS for the current Advanced Format? If so, you should probably take a look at this.


1st place: Omar Bsiso (Magician)

2nd place: Jeremy Mitchell (Magician)

3rd place: Kamal Crooks-Valdez (Magician)

4th place: Juan Andrade (Magician)

5th place: Edwin Diaz (Trickstar)

6th place: Denis Yan (Magician)

7th place: Nicholas Petzold (Metalfoes True Draco)

8th place: Peter Serrano-Vargas (Magician)

9th place: Dablessin Wilson (Magician)

10th place: Brenden Beckmann (Magician)

11th place: Larry Musgrove (Trickstar)

12th place: Jesse Kotton (Magician)

13th place: Gabriel Vargas (Magician)

14th place: Thanh Nguyen (Trickstar)

15th place: Luis Rivera (Trickstar)

16th place: Jacob Moore (Lightsworn Zombie Dinosaur)

17th place: Jerry Han (Magician)

18th place: Avery Foster (Magician)

19th place: Joe Winkler (Magician)

20th place: Colby Potts (Magician)

21st place: Noah Greene (Magician)

22nd place: Avi Brahmbhatt (Magician)

23rd place: Nicholas Racioppi (Invoked)

24th place: Logan Kite (Invoked True Draco)

25th place: Frank Nicola (True Draco)

26th place: Calvin Tahan (ABC)

27th place: Yoonjae Kim (Trickstar)

28th place: Nathan Gordon (Invoked)

29th place: Mohammed Khan (SPYRAL)

30th place: David Huss (Lightsworn Zombie Dinosaur)

31st place: Eric Hernandez (Magician)

32nd place: Tyler Holland (True Draco)


Magician, Trickstar, Lightsworn Zombie Dinosaur, Metalfoes, Invoked, True Draco, ABC, and even SPYRALs are represented in the Top 32. That’s a pretty wide variety of Decks present in the Top 32. There’s some strong representation for the less-represented Decks, too. The lone SPYRAL Deck being is piloted by YCS winner Mohammed Khan, who won his YCS trophy using the SPYRAL archetype. The lone ABC Deck is piloted by Calvin Tahan, who is a veteran on the YCS scene, and well-practiced with ABCs.


Despite the wide variety of Decks in the Top 32, it’s clear that some Deck types have a more dominating Top 32 presence than others. A whopping 17 Magician Decks are in the Top 32, comprising more than half of the Top Cut. That’s largely thanks to the release of Heavymetalfoes Electrumite in Extreme Force. The second-most represented Deck in the Top 32 is Trickstar, represented by a total of 5 Decks. 4 Duelists made it to the Top 32 with a variant of True Dracos, including Metalfoes True Draco, while 2 Duelists made it to the Top 32 with a Lightsworn Zombie Dinosaur Deck. 2 others made it to the Top 32 with a pure Invoked Deck, while SPYRALs and ABCs are each represented by 1 Duelist in the Top 32.


Although Magicians are the most represented Deck in the Top 32, their victory in this tournament is far from assured. Keep checking the coverage to see how the rest of the tournament unfolds!