YCS Atlanta: Tech Update

February 17th, 2018

The newest Forbidden and Limited List update allows for Duelists to add previously Forbidden cards to their Decks and to have more than one copy of previously Limited cards.  Players in attendance today have taken advantage of the looser restrictions in a big way.


Solemn Judgment

By paying half of your LP, Solemn Judgment allows you to negate a Spell or Trap activation or a Summon.  One of the most versatile and powerful Counter Traps in the game, it was Forbidden for many years until just a few weeks ago.  Any Deck can play it and hope to draw it, but players who also have Guiding Ariadne with loads of other Counter Traps can use Ariadne’s monster effect to force the opponent into an awkward choice of Solemn Judgment or 2 other powerful Counter Traps. And if Guiding Ariadne’s Pendulum Effect is used, Solemn Judgment becomes free to use!


Torrential Tribute

Torrential Tribute is essentially a Dark Hole that can be activated during either players.  Being a Normal Trap is what gives Torrential Tribute its strength, and with the card now at 3, players can break fields more easily than ever before. Some players are taking advantage of the power to use 3 copies.


Bottomless Trap Hole

Speaking of powerful Normal Traps, Bottomless Trap Hole has historically been the card Duelists have looked at if they wanted spot removal for an opponent’s big monster.  Since the introduction of Pendulum Summons, Bottomless Trap Hole evolved into a card that could single-handedly win the Duel if it resolves on a multiple-monster Pendulum Summon.  To that end, some Duelists are using cards like Traptrix Myrmeleo to easily find their copies of Bottomless Trap Hole.

But with all of these back row threats, players have anticipated that they might have to go up against 3 or more face-down cards and have planned accordingly…


Hey, Trunade!

A reference to the currently Forbidden Giant Trunade, Hey, Trunade! is a tempest that only hits Set Spell and Trap Cards instead of all Spells and Traps.  It’s the perfect answer to non-Chainable Traps like Torrential Tribute and Bottomless Trap Hole, and can even force out Solemn Judgment, bringing your opponent that much closer to defeat!


Stay tuned for more Feature Matches and Tech Updates here at YCS Atlanta!