Top 4 Pairings and Decks!

March 25th, 2018

The Semifinals are about to begin! Look who’s Dueling for a spot in the Finals!

Table 1: Leonard K. Anaya III (True Draco) vs. Vincent Mathew Paglia Jr. (True Draco)

Table 2: Ayinde Ezekiai Ross (Dinosaur) vs. Alessio Giordani (True Draco)

The True Draco Duelists show their skill, as they almost entirely take over the Top 4! Anaya, Paglia, and Giordani are all repping True Draco, while Ross is still going strong with Dinosaurs. We know True Draco will be in the Finals, but it’s unclear if it will be a Draco mirror match or if True Dracos will face off against Dinosaurs. Check out the upcoming Feature Match with Ross and Giordani to find out!