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YCS Memphis Top 32 Duelists and Decks!

April 22nd, 2018

The Top 32 of YCS Memphis is about to begin! Check out which Duelists and Decks made it into the elimination rounds!

1st: Ittipat Arunnaveesiri (True Draco)
2nd: Brenden Beckmann (Pendulum Magician)
3rd: Maximillian Reynolds (Pendulum Magician)
4th: Corey Brogan (True Draco)
5th: Steven Gregory (Pendulum Magician)
6th: Galileo De Obaldia Soza (True Draco)
7th: Yacine Sahli (Metalfoes)
8th: Adam York (Trickstar)
9th: Jordan Zembrowski (Pendulum Magician)
10th: Jeff Jones (60-card Dinosaur)
11th: Joel White (Trickstar)
12th: Jeffrey Strain (True Draco)
13th: Paul Cooper (Pendulum Magician)
14th: Troy Tingen (Pendulum Magician)
15th: Esala Wathuthantrige (Pendulum Magician)
16th: Thomas Williams (Pendulum Magician)
17th: Gabriel Marini (Pendulum Magician)
18th: Andres Espinosa (Pendulum Magician)
19th: Jesse Flores (Gem-Knight)
20th: James Rutherford (Metalfoes)
21st: Joseph Chou (True Draco)
22nd: Thanh Nguyen (True Draco)
23rd: Hector Orellana (Pendulum Magician)
24th: Kamal Crooks-Valdez (Pendulum Magician)
25th: Tyler Holland (True Draco)
26th: Aaron Levy (60-card Dinosaur)
27th: Cristian Urena (True Draco)
28th: Chuong Nguyen (Zombie Plants)
29th: Nishaad Lorengo (Metalfoes)
30th: Mason Mattila (Trickstar)
31st: Denny Vu (Mekk-Knight Invoked)
32nd: Larry Musgrove (Trickstar)

For those counting, that’s 12 Pendulum Magician Decks, 8 True Draco Decks, 4 Trickstar Decks, 3 Metalfoes Decks, 2 “60-card” Dinosaur Decks, 1 Zombie/Plants Deck, 1 Gem Knight Deck, and 1 Mekk-Knight Invoked Deck. There’s a nice variety in the Top 32, although Pendulum Magicians and True Dracos are leading the pack! Follow the coverage to see which Duelists and Decks make it into the Finals!