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Top 8 Feature Match: Dakota Angeloff vs. Hani Jawhari

June 3rd, 2018

Just three rounds remain! We’ve got Dakota Angeloff, from Alabama, up against Hani Jawhari, from Louisiana. Angeloff is using the Sky Striker Trickstar Deck that’s made its big debut here at YCS Secaucus, while Jawhari is using Goukis. It’s time to Duel!


Duel 1

Angeloff won the die roll and played first.



He played Trickstar Light Stage to get Trickstar Candina, and Jawhari activated Droll & Lock Bird. Angeloff Normal Summoned Trickstar Lycoris and Set a back row card.

Jawhari had a hand of Sky Striker Mecha – Hornet Drones, Gouki Bearhug, Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, Divine Sword – Phoenix Blade, and Instant Fusion. He started with Hornet Drones into Sky Striker Ace – Kagari, and it was negated by Angeloff’s Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion. Jawhari then Tribute Summoned Bearhug, and used Instant Fusion – but he played it in the same column as Angeloff’s Infinite Impermanence! Instant Fusion was negated! Jawhari sent Bearhug to destroy Lycoris in battle, but had no followup.

Angeloff played Pot of Desires, and Jawhari used Ash Blossom. Angeloff continued by playing Candina, adding Trickstar Reincarnation to his hand. He played Terraforming to get another Light Stage, which added Trickstar Lilybell to his hand, and he Special Summoned it. Lilybell attacked directly, putting Lycoris back in Angeloff’s hand. He bounced Lilybell to play Lycoris in Defense Position, and Set a back row card.

Jawhari drew Hornet Drones. He sent Bearhug to destroy Candina, and Set Hornet Drones and Phoenix Blade.

Angeloff used Light Stage on the Set Phoenix Blade. He played Lilybell and attacked directly again, adding Candina back to his hand. In the End Phase, Phoenix Blade was destroyed.

Jawhari drew Called by the Grave and Set it. Bearhug destroyed Lilybell in battle.

Light Stage’s effect locked down Called by the Grave. Angeloff played Candina and added Trickstar Reincarnation to his hand, then used Lycoris and Candina to play Knightmare Phoenix. He discarded Reincarnation to destroy the Set Hornet Drones, then activated Sky Striker Mobilize – Engage! – Jawhari conceded!



A perfectly spaced Infinite Impermanence shuts down Jawhari’s first turn, and he just can’t recover!

Duel 2

Jawhari began with a hand of Instant Fusion, Gouki Twistcobra, Knightmare Corruptor Iblee, Bearhug, and Soul Charge.



He played Twistcobra and Instant Fusion, getting Invoked Raidjin, and Link Summoned Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights. Twistcobra put Gouki Headbatt in his hand, but Isolde was negated by Infinite Impermanence. Soul Charge brought Raidjin and Twistcobra to the field, and he Special Summoned Headbatt from his hand. He used Twistcobra and Isolde to Link Summon another Isolde, sending Phoenix Blade to the Graveyard to Special Summon Gouki Octostretch. He combined Octostretch with Headbatt for Knightmare Phoenix. Octostretch and Headbatt added Gouki Re-Match and Gouki Suprex to his hand. Angeloff saw where this was going and knew his hand wouldn’t let him play through it – he immediately conceded!



Jawhari evens the score in a single turn! This final Duel will determine who moves on to the Top 4!

Duel 3

Angeloff chose to play first. He started with Candina, and Jawhari negated it with Infinite Impermanence. He played Light Stage and searched out Lycoris. He activated two copies of Lycoris in his hand, bouncing Candina to Special Summon them in Defense Position.

Jawhari had Phoenix Blade, 2 Hornet Drones, Bearhug, and Overdone Burial. He started with Hornet Drones and Link Summoned Kagari, which returned Hornet Drones to his hand. He played both copies of Hornet Drones next, and Tributed Kagari to play Bearhug. He used a Token for Linkuriboh, then Bearhug and the other Token for Knightmare Goblin. He used its effect, discarding Phoenix Blade, and Bearhug’s effect put Suprex in his hand. Angeloff activated Droll & Lock Bird. Jawhari used his extra Normal Summon to play Suprex. Goblin and Suprex destroyed the two Lycoris, and Linkuriboh attacked directly.

Angeloff played Candina, searching out Trickstar Reincarnation. Another Light Stage let him get Lilybell, which he Special Summoned. He sent Candina to attack Linkuriboh, and Jawhari Tributed Linkuriboh to weaken Candina. Lilybell attacked directly, adding Lycoris to his hand. He bounced Candina to Special Summon Lycoris, and it destroyed Knightmare Goblin. Angeloff Set one card in his back row.

Jawhari drew Droll & Lock Bird, and Normal Summoned it. He combined it with Suprex for Knightmare Phoenix, discarding Hornet Drones to destroy the Set Reincarnation. Suprex’s effect put Gouki Re-Match in his hand. Re-Match brought Suprex and Bearhug to the field. Phoenix attacked Lycoris, and Jawhari passed without any other plays.

Angeloff Normal Summoned Candina, adding Trickstar Reincarnation to his hand. Pot of Desires was next, and he Link Summoned Knightmare Cerberus. He discarded Trickstar Reincarnation to destroy Bearhug, then Chained to Bearhug’s effect with Reincarnation in the Graveyard to Special Summon Lycoris. Jawhari added Octostretch to his hand. Angeloff banished another Reincarnation to get Lilybell to the field, adding another Lycoris to his hand. Lilybell attacked directly, then Angeloff bounced Lilybell to play Lycoris, and Special Summoned Lilybell with its effect. He attacked directly once again, this time adding Candina to his hand. Cerberus destroyed Suprex, and Jawhari didn’t use its effect. Angeloff Set two back row cards.

Jawhari drew Droll & Lock Bird, dropping to just 100 Life Points due to Lycoris. He offered the handshake!



Dakota Angeloff is going to the Top 4 with Sky Striker Trickstars!