QQ: What will win this weekend?

August 26th, 2018

QQ stands for Quick Questions! We asked our Duelists what strategy they thought would emerge victorious this weekend – here’s their thoughts.

“Trickstar because that’s what I’m playing. :)” -Brian Rayos

“Trickstar Sky Striker” -Martin Kass

“Gouki. It has the highest ceiling.” -Jake Kuenzi

“Paleozoic, because Swap Frog is the GOAT” -Alfred Danklefsen

“Pure Sky Striker, because it has a good matchup with most Decks.” -David Robinson

“True Draco because I’m playing it!” -Brandon Niemeyer

“Sky Striker because one card gets your whole engine going.” -Eric Hernandez

“The Alfie Danklefsen Deck – Paleo Frogs – because floodgates plus Toadally Awesome is game.” -James Sledd

“Gouki, because that’s the Deck I’m using.” -Michael Campos

“Gouki, they play through interruptions really well.” -Romello Wilson

“Gouki, Deck is just too good right now.” -Sean Hinson

“Gouki because it can discard your opponent’s hand and prevents them from playing.” -Christopher Rice

“True Draco because of floodgates” -Thomas Cardenas

Gouki seem to be the Deck to beat! Sky Strikers are a major threat too, but it looks like Gouki are the new favorite to win. It should come as no surprise – Gouki just won the World Championship! We’ll see how right these Duelists were in just a few more rounds.