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Round 10 Feature Match: Benjamin Deeter vs. Brandon Niemeyer

August 26th, 2018

Benjamin Deeter is here from Iowa, using a Gouki Deck. His build is different from most you’ve seen – he’s mixed in Phantom Knights! Since they’re all Warrior-type, they can be used with most of his combo pieces. He’s against Brandon Niemeyer, from Kansas City, whose True Draco Deck just appeared in our previous round’s Feature Match. He wasn’t able to win that Match, but can he get redemption here? Or will Deeter’s unique Gouki Deck emerge victorious?

Duel 1

Deeter won the die roll and played first. He had a hand of Gouki Re-Match, 2 Called by the Grave, Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit, and The Phantom Knights of Silent Boots. He Set Silent Boots and one copy of Called.

Niemeyer played Disciples of the True Dracophoenix, using its effect to Tribute it and play Dinomight Knight, the True Dracofighter. Disciples destroyed Called by the Grave. Niemeyer then Set The Monarchs Erupt and Tributed it to play Ignis Heat, the True Dracowarrior. He Set his last card, then played Card of Demise! He played Pot of Desires for two more cards. Dragonic Diagram came down, and he Set True Draco Apocalypse. Dragonic Diagram destroyed it to add True King’s Return to his hand, and Apocalypse destroyed Silent Boots. Niemeyer played True Draco Heritage, using its effect for a Tribute Summon. He Tributed Ignis Heat to play Majesty Maiden, then drew three cards with Heritage. He Set four cards and filled his back row. In the End Phase, his Card of Demise effect made him discard the last card in his hand – another Card of Demise.

Deeter drew Gouki Suprex. He had absolutely nothing to work with in the face of insurmountable odds, and conceded!

Duel 2

Deeter began this time with Twin Twisters, Gouki Re-Match, Gouki Suprex, Junk Forward, and The Phantom Knights of Shade Brigandine. He played both Junk Forward and Shade Brigandine, using them to Link Summon Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights. He used Isolde, sending Divine Sword – Phoenix Blade to the Graveyard, and Niemeyer negated Isolde with Infinite Impermanence.

Niemeyer Set three back row cards, then played Card of Demise to draw two more. He Tributed Apocalypse to play Majesty Maiden, and Apocalypse destroyed Isolde. He attacked directly with Majesty Maiden and Set two more cards.

Deeter drew Silent Boots. He Set Suprex and Twin Twisters.

Niemeyer attacked the Suprex with Majesty Maiden. Deeter used Suprex’s effect to add Gouki Octostretch to his hand.

Deeter drew another Silent Boots. He Normal Summoned it, and Special Summoned the second copy. He Xyz Summoned M-X-Saber Invoker, using its effect. Niemeyer responded with Majesty Maiden, then flipped The Monarchs Erupt. Deeter flipped Twin Tiwsters, discarding Octostretch to destroy Erupt and a Set Rivalry of Warlords. The Chain resolved, and Niemeyer searched out Dinomight Knight, the True Dracofighter, and Deeter Special Summoned Suprex from his Deck. In a new Chain, Niemeyer flipped True Draco Apocalypse, Tributing it to play Dinomight Knight. Apocalypse destroyed Suprex, then Niemeyer used Called by the Grave to negate it. Deeter added Phoenix Blade to his hand, and Niemeyer used Dinomight to get Apocalypse on the field. Deeter played Gouki Re-Match to Special Summon Octostretch and Suprex. He used Invoker and Octostretch to play Isolde, and used his two effects to add Gouki Headbatt and Suprex to his hand. He then used Isolde’s other effect, sending Moon Mirror Shield to the Graveyard to Special Summon Octostretch. He Special Summoned the Headbatt from his hand, then used his Suprex and Isolde to play Summon Sorceress. Its effect Special Summoned The Phantom Knights of Ancient Cloak from the Deck. He used Ancient Cloak and Headbatt to play Knightmare Phoenix, discarding Phoenix Blade to destroy Niemeyer’s Set Red Reboot. Headbatt added Gouki Twistcobra to his hand.

[Pic: Deeter]

He then used Ancient Cloak to get Silent Boots to his hand, and banished another Boots from his Graveyard to get Phantom Knights’ Fog Blade. Once again, he added Phoenix Blade back to his hand. He used Summon Sorceress and Octostretch to play Firewall Dragon, then used Knightmare Phoenix to play Knightmare Mermaid. it discarded Phoenix Blade to Special Summon Knightmare Corruptor Iblee and draw Gouki Re-Match. Firewall Special Summoned Twistcobra. Phoenix Blade returned again. He used Iblee with Twistcobra to play Knightmare Goblin, and Firewall Special Summoned Silent Boots. Goblin discarded Phoenix Blade and drew Marauding Captain. Firewall added Iblee and Octostretch from the Graveyard to his hand. With his bonus Normal Summon he played Iblee, which revived Phoenix. He used Iblee and Silent Boots to play Underclock Taker, then Firewall Special Summoned Marauding Captain. He used Underclock with Captain to play Tri-Gate Wizard, and Firewall Special Summoned Octostretch. Finally, he used Octostretch to play Linkuriboh, forming an Extra Link! With an Extra Link and Tri-Gate Wizard co-linked to three monsters, Niemeyer had no way to fight back!

Duel 3

Niemeyer began the final Duel. He played Dragonic Diagram and Set a back row card. He used Diagram, destroying Evenly Matched from his hand to get True Draco Heritage. He played it, then Tributed his Set Apocalypse for Dinomight Knight. He played another Diagram, using it to destroy Heritage and get another Heritage. He played it to draw two cards. He Set one of them, then played Card of Demise to draw three cards! He Set all three in his back row.

Deeter’s final starting hand was 2 Suprex, 2 Instant Fusion, Dark Hole, and Junk Forward. He started with Dark Hole, and Dinomight’s effect added True King’s Return to Niemeyer’s hand. Deeter Special Summoned Junk Forward, then used Instant Fusion to play Dragoness the Wicked Knight. He Xyz Summoned M-X-Saber Invoker, using its effect to Special Summon Suprex from his Deck. He used Suprex with Invoker to play Isolde. Suprex was negated by Called by the Grave, but Isolde still added Marauding Captain to his hand. Isolde’s second effect sent Phoenix Blade to the Graveyard and Special Summoned Octostretch. He used both monsters to play Summon Sorceress! Octostretch added Headbatt to his hand. Deeter Normal Summoned Suprex, then Summon Sorceress brought The Phantom Knights of Ancient Cloak to the field. Deeter took back Phoenix Blade, then discarded a Suprex to Special Summon Headbatt. He used Suprex and Headbatt to play Knightmare Phoenix, discarding Phoenix Blade to destroy Dragonic Diagram. Headbatt searched for Gouki Re-Match. Phoenix Blade came back again, then Summon Sorceress and Ancient Cloak were used to play Firewall Dragon. Ancient Cloak added Silent Boots to his hand. Knightmare Phoenix tagged in Knightmare Mermaid, which discarded Marauding Captain to Special Summon Iblee and draw Junk Forward. Firewall Special Summoned Silent Boots. Iblee and Silent Boots were used to play Knightmare Goblin, which discarded Phoenix Blade and drew Raigeki. Firewall Special Summoned Junk Forward. Phoenix Blade returned once more, then Silent Boots added Shade Brigandine to Deeter’s hand. He Set it and activated it, forcing Niemeyer to use Red Reboot! Deeter Set another copy of Shade Brigandine on the field. Deeter continued, using Gouki Re-Match to revive Octostretch and Headbatt. He used Junk Forward and Octostretch to play Knightmare Cerberus, and returned both of those materials plus Junk Forward to his hand with Firewall. Headbatt and Cerberus were used to play Knightmare Unicorn, which shuffled away a Set card. He Normal Summoned Iblee and revived Phoenix. He used Unicorn and Iblee to play Underclock Taker, then activated Firewall yet again – Niemeyer knew Deeter was about to Extra Link again, and conceded!

Benjamin Deeter takes the Match with Phantom Knight Gouki!