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Round 6 Feature Match: Michael State vs. Allen Nails

August 25th, 2018

We have Florida Duelist Michael State, packing a Gouki Deck today. Gouki are one of the strongest Decks right now, even winning the World Championship just a few weeks ago! He’s facing local Kansas City Duelist Allen Nails, who has an awesome name to go with his awesome Deck – he’s using the mighty Blue-Eyes White Dragon!

Duel 1

Nails won the die roll and began with a hand of Return of the Dragon Lords, Droll & Lock Bird, Effect Veiler, Cards of Consonance, and The Melody of Awakening Dragon. “This is so… bad…” Nails said aloud. He simply passed his first turn! His only option would have been to attempt playing Melody, but he didn’t want to risk walking into Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring with no followup.

State started off with Instant Fusion for Dragoness the Wicked Knight, followed by Gouki Octostretch. He Link Summoned Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights, and Isolde was negated by Effect Veiler. State still was able to use Octostretch to add Gouki Re-Match to his hand. Nails used Droll & Lock Bird, but State had Called by the Grave to negate it! State played Foolish Burial, sending Gouki Bearhug to the Graveyard. He used Re-Match next, bringing Bearhug and Octostretch to the field. He activated Isolde’s effect, sending Divine Sword – Phoenix Blade to the Graveyard as its cost, even though it was negated by the Effect Veiler. State used Isolde and Bearhug to play Summon Sorceress! Bearhug added Gouki Suprex to his hand. He then used Summon Sorceress to Special Summon Gouki Riscorpio. He used both his Gouki monsters to play Knightmare Goblin, discarding Destiny HERO – Malicious for its effect, and Riscorpio added Gouki Suprex to his hand. He used his extra Normal Summon to play Suprex, which Special Summoned Gouki Twistcobra. Finally, he attacked with all his monsters, using Twistcobra’s effect with the final attack! State wiped out Nails’s Life Points on the very first turn!

Nails had only revealed two generic cards in the first Duel, so State had no idea what kind of Deck he was using. State asked Nails to at least play some cards so he could see what he’s up against, and Nails jokingly threatened to concede right now just to keep State from knowing.

Duel 2

Nails started off with Dragon Spirit of White, Inspector Boarder, Called by the Grave, Pot of Desires, and Glow-Up Bulb. He started with Pot of Desires, drawing The Melody of Awakening Dragon and Sage with Eyes of Blue. He Normal Summoned Inspector Boarder and Set Called by the Grave. “I don’t want you to know what I’m playing at all…” Nails said as he considered playing Melody. “Don’t do this to me!” State cried.



State began his turn, still with no concrete knowledge of Nails’s Deck. He Special Summoned Junk Forward, then played Instant Fusion for Dragoness. He Normal Summoned Armageddon Knight, sending Malicious to the Graveyard. He used all of his monsters to play Summon Sorceress, and attacked Inspector Boarder. He started to go to his Main Phase 2, and Nails banished Malicious with Called by the Grave. State Set one back row card.

Nails drew Return of the Dragon Lords. “I think I might have to reveal,” he said, and played Melody. “Oh my god, yes!” State exclaimed. Nails resolved Melody, discarding Dragon Spirit to add Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon to his hand. He played Return of the Dragon Lords next, but the targeted Dragon Spirit was banished by State’s Called by the Grave. Nails Special Summoned Alternative, then Normal Summoned Glow-Up Bulb. Alternative destroyed Summon Sorceress with its effect, then Nails Synchro Summoned Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon! He excavated a second Alternative to bring Glow-Up Bulb back to the field. He attacked with both his monsters, then used his Synchro Monster’s effect to play Stardust Spark Dragon. He used it with Glow-Up Bulb to play Cloudcastle! It brought Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon back to the field, and he used both monsters to Xyz Summon True King of All Calamities, in Defense Position!

State drew his card, and Nails used his True King’s effect, declaring EARTH. State Special Summoned Junk Forward, then used Soul Charge to bring back Armageddon Knight, Junk Forward, and Summon Sorceress. He used all his monsters to play Firewall Dragon and Knightmare Phoenix. He passed his turn.

Nails drew Called by the Grave. He sent his True King to destroy the Phoenix in battle,but State used Firewall’s effect to bounce away the True King. Nails used True King’s effect in response, on LIGHT monsters, before it left play. Nails played Sage with Eyes of Blue, adding Effect Veiler to his hand. He Set Called by the Grave and Link Summoned Linkuriboh.

Phoenix attacked Linkuriboh, which used its effect in response. Firewall attacked directly.

Nails drew Silver’s Cry. He Summoned Effect Veiler and passed his turn.

Phoenix attacked Effect Veiler, and Nails brought Linkuriboh back to the field, using its effect again. Firewall attacked directly again. State Set a second back row card.

Nails drew another Sage. He played it, but it was negated by Infinite Impermanence.

Phoenix attacked Sage, and Linkuriboh came back to the field again. Phoenix attacked, and Nails flipped Called by the Grave – State flipped Infinite Impermanence in the same column to negate both Called and Linkuriboh! That left Nails wide open!

Michael State is victorious with Gouki!