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Round 8 Feature Match: Armin Mehmedovich vs. Frank Nicola

August 26th, 2018

It’s the final Swiss Round here at the UDS Summer Invitational! Armin Mehmedovich is here all the way from Bosnia, using a Six Samurai Deck! He’s up against Frank Nicola, from South Carolina, packing a Gouki Deck!

Duel 1

Nicola won the die roll and played first. He played Sky Striker Mecha – Hornet Drones, then Chained another copy of Hornet Drones. He used both tokens to Link Summon Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights! He added Gouki Riscorpio to his hand, then sent Divine Sword – Phoenix Blade to the Graveyard to Special Summon Gouki Octostretch. He used Isolde and Octostretch to play Summon Sorceress, and Octostretch’s effect added Gouki Twistcobra to his hand. He Normal Summoned Twistcobra, then used Summon Sorceress to Special Summon Gouki Bearhug from his Deck. He used his two Goukis for Knightmare Goblin, and used both Gouki effects to add Gouki Re-Match and Gouki Suprex to his hand. He played Re-Match to bring Bearhug and Twistcobra back to the field, using Bearhug and Summon Sorceress to play Firewall Dragon. He banished Bearhug and Isolde to add Phoenix Blade to his hand, then used Knightmare Goblin to play Knightmare Mermaid. Firewall Special Summoned Suprex from the hand, and Mermaid discarded Phoenix Blade to Special Summon Knightmare Corruptor Iblee as well. Since Mermaid and Firewall were co-linked, Nicola also drew a card.

Nicola continued, using Iblee and Suprex to play another Knightmare Goblin and discarding Riscorpio for its effect – he gained an extra Normal Summon and drew a card. The Suprex Link Material added a Riscorpio to his hand, and Firewall Special Summoned it. He used Riscorpio ad Twistcobra to play Underclock Taker, and Twistcobra added Gouki Headbatt to his hand. Nicola used Firewall’s effect to add Iblee, Octostretch, and Twistcobra to his hand. He used his bonus Normal Summon for Iblee, which brought Knightmare Goblin from his Graveyard. He used Iblee and Underclock to play Tri-Gate Wizard (co-linked to Firewall and Mermaid), and Iblee went to Mehmedovich’s side of the field. Firewall Special Summoned Twistcobra. Nicola banished two more Goukis to add Phoenix Blade to his hand again, using Twistcobra and a Goblin to play Knightmare Unicorn. It discarded Phoenix Blade for its effect, returning Iblee to his own Deck, and he drew a card. Firewall Special Summoned Octostretch, and he used it to play Linkuriboh. He Set and promptly activated The Phantom Knights of Shade Brigandine, and used it with Linkuriboh to play Knightmare Phoenix! Firewall Special Summoned Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit in Defense Position. Phoenix Blade came back to the hand once again. Nicola used Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit and Knightmare Unicorn to play Topological Gumblar Dragon as an Extra Link! Firewall Special Summoned Octostretch in Defense Position. Gumblar’s effect forced Mehmedovich to discard Legendary Six Samurai – Mizuho and Secret Six Samurai – Kizaru! Nicola finally Set one card in his back row to end the turn.

Mehmedovich had a hand of Monster Reborn, Secret Six Samurai – Fuma, Soul Charge, and drew Legendary Six Samurai – Kizan. In the Standby Phase, Nicola brought Linkuriboh back to the field, then used Gumblar’s effect again to discard Kizan and Fuma! He played Monster Reborn, targeting Kizaru, but Nicola used Tri-Gate’s effect. Mehmedovich used Soul Charge next, bringing Kizaru, Fuma, Mizuho, and Kizan to the field! Kizaru’s effect added Legendary Six Samurai – Shinai to his hand. He thought over his options a bit more, but knew he had to concede!

Nicola takes the first Duel with an insane turn one Extra Link!

Duel 2

Mehmedovich began the second Duel with a hand of Fuma, Kizaru, Mizuho, Kizan, and Soul Charge. He played Kizaru, then Special Summoned Kizan. He Link Summoned Isolde, Two Tales of the Noble Knights, sending Phoenix Blade, Moon Mirror Shield, and Cursed Bamboo Sword to the Graveyard. Nicola negated Isolde with Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. Mehmedovich used Cursed Bamboo Sword to add Broken Bamboo Sword to his hand. Nicola then played Droll & Lock Bird. Mehmedovich played Soul Charge, but that was negated by Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion!

Nicola played Sky Striker Mobilize – Engage! to get Sky Striker Mecha – Hornet Drones. He played it and Normal Summoned Twistcobra, playing his own Isolde. He added Headbatt and Suprex to his hand thanks to Twistcobra and Isolde. He then used Isolde to send Phoenix Blade to the Graveyard and Special Summon Octostretch. He discarded Suprex to Special Summon Headbatt, using it with Isolde to play Summon Sorceress. Headbatt’s effect added another Twistcobra to his hand. He used Gouki Re-Match to bring Headbatt and Twistcobra back to the field, and immediately used them to play Knightmare Goblin. Octostretch and Summon Sorceress were used to play Firewall Dragon, and Octostretch’s effect put Riscorpio in his hand. He banished two Warriors to bring Phoenix Blade to his hand, then used Goblin to play Knightmare Mermaid. It discarded Phoenix Blade to draw a card and Special Summon Iblee, and Firewall Special Summoned Riscorpio. Phoenix Blade came back again, and Nicola used Iblee with Riscorpio for another Goblin. It discarded Phoenix Blade for its effect, and Riscorpio added Octostretch to the hand. Firewall Special Summoned Twistcobra. Firewall then used its effect to add Ghost Belle and Ash Blossom from the Graveyard to his hand. He used his extra Normal Summon to play Iblee, which brought Goblin to the field. He used Iblee and Octostretch to play Underclock Taker, then Special Summoned Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit with Firewall. He returned Phoenix Blade, then used his pair of Goblins to play Tri-Gate Wizard. Underclock used its effect to weaken Mehmedovich’s Isolde. Finally, Nicola’s monsters attacked! He had enough attack power on the board to take out Mehmedovich’s Life Points this turn!

Frank Nicola takes the Match on each of his first turns, thanks to his Gouki Deck!