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Round 6 Feature Match: Melvin Brookins vs. Caulin Bradshaw

August 24th, 2019

The end is in sight for Day 1 here at YCS Portland. These two Duelists are sitting near the top of the standings, looking for a strong placement going into tomorrow’s competition. Melvin Brookins is an Alaskan Duelist, here with something I never thought I would say out loud: a Kaiju Madolche Deck! His opponent is Caulin Bradshaw from Dallas, TX, playing Thunder Dragons.

Duel 1

Brookins won the dice roll and chose to play second. Bradshaw began by using the effect of Thunder Dragon, adding two more copies to his hand. He Set Thunder Dragonmatrix and tributed it to play Thunder Dragon Colossus in Defense Position. Dragonmatrix added another Dragonmatrix to his hand.

Brookins had two Twin Twisters, two Infinite Impermanence, and Madolche Anjelly. He drew Double or Nothing!. He started with Infinite Impermanence to negate Colossus, then played Anjelly. He tributed it for its effect, but Bradshaw negated it with Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. Brookins was forced to pass with no defense. In the End Phase, Bradshaw used Thunder Dragondark to add another Dragondark to his hand.

Bradshaw played Allure of Darkness, banishing Thunder Dragonroar. Dragonroar Special Summoned Dragondark. He used Dragondark and Colossus to play Some Summer Summoner, and added Thunder Dragonduo to his hand. He used Thunder Dragonhawk to Special Summon Dragonroar, then tributed Dragonroar to play Thunder Dragon Colossus. He activated Thunder Dragon Fusion to play Thunder Dragon Titan! He then tributed Some Summer Summoner to play another Colossus, and he Special Summoned Dragonduo as well. That gave him plenty of ATK to end the Duel!

Duel 2

Brookins opened with a hand of Madolche Magileine, Anjelly, Dimensional Barrier, Infinite Impermanence, and Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay. He Normal Summoned Magileine, which added Madolche Petingcessoeur to his hand. He Special Summoned Petingcessoeur, which in turn Special Summoned Madolche Puddingcess with its Level reduced by 1. He used Magileine and Puddingcess to play Madolche Teacher Glassouffle in Defense Position. He detached Magileine to use Glassouffle’s effect, then used it to play Madolche Puddingcess Chocolat-a-la-Mode! He tried to use its effect to shuffle Magileine back in the Deck, but Bradshaw used Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion! Brookins Set his Trap Cards.

In the Draw Phase, Brookins flipped Dimensional Barrier to prevent the use of Fusion Monsters this turn. Bradshaw played Dragonmatrix and Link Summoned Linkuriboh. Dragonmatrix searched out another copy of itself, and Brookins Special Summoned Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay in Defense Position. He drew Infinite Impermanence and Magileine with Phantazmay, and returned Magileine to the Deck. He Set a back row card.

Brookins drew another Anjelly. He used Chocolat-a-la-Mode to shuffle Magileine back, and Bradshaw responded with Paleozoic Dinomischus, discarding Dragonroar, to banish it. Brookins played Anjelly and used its effect, and Bradshaw negated it with Ash Blossom. He turned his monsters to Attack Position and attacked, forcing Linkuriboh to use its effect on Petingcessoeur, then attacking directly with Phantazmay. He Set Infinite Impermanence.

Bradshaw used Thunder Dragon to get one more copy of itself. He Set Dragonmatrix and used it to play Thunder Dragon Colossus. Then, he used Colossus and a Dragonroar from his hand to play Thunder Dragon Titan! The banished Dragonroar Special Summoned Dragondark. Titan destroyed Infinite Impermanence, which was Chained to negate it. He used Dragondark and Titan to play Some Summer Summoner, and Dragondark searched for Thunder Dragon. He played Thunder Dragon Fusion next, returning his Thunders from the Graveyard to play a new Titan. He used Thunder Dragon to get one more Thunder Dragon, and Titan’s effect destroyed the Set Infinite Impermanence. He used Thunder Dragon again, getting his third copy, and Titan destroyed Phantazmay. He tributed Some Summer Summoner to play Thunder Dragon Colossus, and it attacked Petingcessoeur. Titan attacked directly.

Brookins drew his third Anjelly. He played it and finally, he was able to use its effect without getting hit by Ash Blossom. Anjelly Special Summoned Petingcessoeur, which Special Summoned Hootcake. Hootcake banished Anjelly from the Graveyard to Special Summon Madolche Messengalato. He was unable to use Messengalato due to Thunder Dragon Colossus. He instead used Messengalato and Petingcessoeur to play Madolche Queen Tiaramisu. He used it to shuffle two of his Madolches into the Deck and clear away both of Bradshaw’s Fusion Monsters! He used Tiaramisu to play Chocolat-a-la-Mode, and moved to the Battle Phase. Hootcake and Chocolat-a-la-Mode attacked directly.

Bradshaw used the effect of Thunder Dragon Fusion in his Graveyard, adding Dragonhawk to his hand. He used Dragonhawk to Special Summon Dragonroar, then played Aloof Lupine. He used them to play PSY-Framelord Lambda, Dragonroar Special Summoned Dragondark, and he tributed that to play Thunder Dragon Colossus. He played Thunder Dragon Fusion to once again recycle his Thunders, and Fusion Summoned a new Thunder Dragon Titan.. He used Thunder Dragon twice to destroy the Madolches, leaving Brookins wide open!

Caulin Bradshaw takes the Match with Thunder Dragons!