VIP Deck Breakdown

August 24th, 2019

Each round we give a top table update, showing what’s being played with the highest scores. However, that doesn’t factor in the VIP Duelists, who get their own special seating and aren’t included at the top tables. Here are the VIPs, each of whom earned their way here through a VIP Qualifier or by entering as a UDS Champion.

Cesar Alcaraz Jr. – Thunder Dragon Ib Turbo
Kevin Kennith Bortle Jr. – Trickstar
Ryan Rico Dell Olio – True Draco
Christian Ronald Deoferio – Pendulum Magicians
Joseph Francis Dietrich – Orcust
Aaron Chase Furman – Chaos Thunder Dragon
Paulo Roberto Goncalves da Silva – Salamangreat
John Howard Hamby – Sky Striker
Kent Isaac Hedges – Sky Striker
Anthony Levon King – Danger! Dragon
Nicholas Landon Mapes – Chaos Thunder Dragon
Ryan Kaleo Murakami – Salamangreat
Tyler Jack Pfeifer – Sky Striker
Griffin Patrick Phillippi – Sky Striker
Daniel Ramirez Medina – Salamangreat
Aldo Cesar Sanchez – Zombie Orcust
Laurence Patrick Tung – Altergeist
Esala Sammidha de Alwis Wathuthantrige – Chaos Thunder Dragon