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Spotlight – Legendary Duelists: Immortal Destiny

October 5th, 2019

Just last week was the release of Legendary Duelists: Immortal Destiny, a pack focusing on the more sinister side of Dueling! Here’s a look at how the new LED5 cards changed existing strategies.

Gimmick Puppets, some strings attached

Gimmick Puppet Gigantes Doll is the first Rank 4 Xyz Monster for the archetype. This gives them a new way to utilize their lower Level monsters. Gigantes Doll can then steal two opposing monsters and turn them into Level 8’s, so you can Xyz Summon one of your other heavy hitters.

Both Gimmick Puppet Terror Baby and Gimmick Puppet Bisque Doll give you new ways to Special Summon materials for Gigantes Doll, and they each have effects in the Graveyard to protect your Puppet plans.

Perform Puppet helps you modify the Levels of your Puppets while also replacing them when they’re destroyed. And finally, Puppet Parade gives you an explosive option when your opponent is in the lead, immediately setting up a Rank-Up Xyz Summon.

The Gimmick Puppet strategy has often been on the fringe of competitive Decks, but never quite broke into it. These new cards will give the Deck a more consistent early game and more options to get into their Rank 8 gameplan.

Return of the Evil HEROes

There’s been a lot of hype around the new Evil HERO cards. Evil HERO Malicious Bane is a great Fusion Monster that can usually destroy all your opponent’s monsters. Back it up with Elemental HERO Honest Neos to guarantee everything goes down.

Evil HERO Adusted Gold can search for a Dark Fusion, Dark Calling, or Supreme King’s Castle. The Castle is particularly cool, as it allows you to pump up your Evil HEROes and Fusion Summon with other cards, such as Super Polymerization. You can also use Supreme King’s Castle as a way to put specific Evil HERO cards in the Graveyard, such as the new Evil HERO Sinister Necrom, which can then Special Summon another Evil HERO.

There are already some Duelists brewing up Decks using the new Evil HERO cards, mixed with the other HEROes to give a variety of Fusion Summons.

Bakura’s Fiends and Destiny Board

Curse Necrofear is a powerful option for any Deck with Fiends that get banished. You can use it along with the original Dark Necrofear, or with other cards like Allure of Darkness and the like. It’s big, nearly impossible to get rid of, and destroys your opponent’s cards en masse. Pair it with Dark Spirit of Malice and Dark Spirit of Banishment to really put in the hurt.

Dark Spirit’s Mastery is great in both Fiend and Destiny Board Decks. You can use it in dedicated Bakura strategies like with Curse Necrofear, but it also fits well in other strategies. Discarding a Danger! monster to search for Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World is a strong option. In Destiny Board Decks it gives you a way to recycle your Spirit Messages, which are no good to you in your hand or Graveyard.

We’ve already seen one Duelist using the newest Destiny Board cards, and he is collecting the Fiend monsters this weekend to begin work on another Deck with them. Check out his Deck Profile here.

These are just a few highlights – there are also Predaplant, Earthbound Immortal, and Sun and Moon Dragon support cards found in Legendary Duelists: Immortal Destiny.