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YCS Ft. Worth Public Event Prizes!

October 5th, 2019

Take a look at the prize wall over in the Public Events area!

The Public Events area has lots of cool prizes on display. First up are the awesome pins.


You can get the Elemental HERO Neos pin for winning a UDS Qualifier. You can earn a pin of one of the emblems from Ranked Duels by triumphing in the Duel Links Public Event.

Winners of the Dragon Duel event will receive a cool medal!

Dragon Duel Medal

This awesome medal goes to first place, but there are also silver and bronze ones for the runners-up.

Duelists can also earn tickets by competing in Public Events. There’s a variety of prizes to redeem your tickets for. Many of these are special prizes from years past!

Prize Case

This is your chance to get one of the Attribute dice or Millennium dice, which were given as a bonus for preregistering for a YCS. The current dice are the Spell/Trap icon dice, so now you can complete your collection by playing in some Public Events.

Another older prize available in the prize case is the World Championship Qualifier card sleeves, normally only given out to WCQ attendees. These sleeves have a unique design every year, and are always a hot item. Older versions can be quite difficult to obtain, so if you’re looking to really bling out your Deck, this is one of the best ways.

You can get Yu-Gi-Oh! themed life point pads and pens, binders, and Deck Boxes from the Prize Case too. There are also massive uncut sheets available by redeeming prize tickets.

For enough points, you can even get yourself a complete set of a booster pack!

Then there are the older Sneak Peek promo cards and game mats, Regional Qualifier game mats, Win-A-Mats, Starter Deck mats…

Prize Wall Mats

More Prize Wall Mats

There are so many game mats, you probably won’t be able to pick just one.

Cool prizes that aren’t available by redeeming tickets are also on display. The latest Win-A-Mat prize featuring Yami Bakura is particularly popular this weekend.

Bakura Win-A-Mat

The Regional Qualifier Game Mat, Battle City Tournament Game Mat, Structure Deck Tournament Game Mat, and Speed Duel Game Mat are also on display.

Regional Qualifier Game Mat

Battle City Game Mat

Structure Deck Tournament Game Mat

Speed Duel Game Mat

There are lots of awesome prizes available through Public Events at YCS events. Be sure to attend a YCS that comes near you to take a shot at winning some of these awesome prizes!