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Special Prize for Undefeated Duelist at YCS Indianapolis!

October 22nd, 2023

For the first time ever, we have a special prize for the Duelist who goes undefeated in the Swiss Rounds of a YCS, and this weekend, that Duelist was Logan Kite!

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Saturday Speed Duel ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! Winners

September 9th, 2023

After a hard-fought Finals Match we have our winners from the Saturday Speed Duel ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!!

1st Place: Alex Cheung (Center)
2nd Place: Jacob Syme (Left)
3rd Place: Richard Tian (Right)
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The New Prize Card: Anotherverse Gluttonia

September 9th, 2023

YCS Vancouver is the first North America YCS of the season and the second YCS where players have a chance to get their hands on the newest YCS Prize Card: Anotherverse Gluttonia!

Anotherverse Gluttonia
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North America WCQ Top Cut Prizes!

July 9th, 2023

Yesterday, we saw the prizes given to all participating Duelists in the Main Event of the North America World Championship Qualifier, which were also given to the Dragon Duelists who are participating in their own Championship as well. Here are what the final Duelists are battling for today!

Every Duelist in Top 64 will receive this Evenly Matched Top Cut Game Mat, showcasing the art of one of the most powerful Trap Cards of all time, and an extremely popular card this weekend.

All Top 64 Duelists receive this Game Mat

Each Duelist who finishes in the Quarter Finals or better receives an incredible trophy, featuring the Millennium Rod on a glowing stand, with the trophy becoming grander as the standing of the Duelist increases, the same goes for the Dragon Duelists, except theirs has the Dragon Duel logo on it!

Main Event Trophies
Dragon Duelist Trophies

Here’s a closer look at the Trophy awarded to the eventual Champion, as well as the Super Rare copy of Anotherverse Dragon all Top 32 Duelists receive. As you can see, the detailing on the Millennium Rod in the globe at the top is immaculate, with each Trophy being colored as well with a baselight that is truly breathtaking!

Top 8 Duelists and above will also receive Booster Packs, Nintendo Switches, complete sets, and more! There are a ton of amazing prizes on the line, on top of the title of North America WCQ Champion.

YCS Survey Giveaway Winner – Tomas Medina

May 28th, 2023

If you’ve attended a YCS weekend yourself, you may have noticed a QR code posted around the venue. If you scan it, you’ll be taken to a survey where you can provide feedback to KONAMI, which helps them create bigger, better tournament events! And while helping the game grow is one thing, taking the survey also nets you an extra benefit: you’re automatically entered into a giveaway where the winner earns a Rescue Rabbit plush!

Tomas Medina’s the proud owner of a brand-new Rescue Rabbit!
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See The Speed Duel ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! Prizes

May 27th, 2023

ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD is a fan favorite side event, and now it’s speeding up! Winning Giant Card versions of iconic powerhouses to hang in your dorm room, rec room, or office sounds awesome, and whether you’re an Obelisk Blue, Ra Yellow, or just a Slifer slacker, the competition is open to all. This weekend, Duelists can win either of these GIANT Cards, all found in the Speed Duel GX: Duel Academy Box.

Ancient Gear Golem and Volcanic Doomfire Albion the Sanctifire are the Giant-sized prize cards for the Speed Duel ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! tournaments here at YCS Philadelphia!
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Saturday’s ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! Winners

May 27th, 2023

One of the weekend’s two Advanced Format ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! tournaments is now finished, awarding two Duelists with oversized versions of Guiding Quem, The Virtuous, and one Duelist with a Giant-sized copy of Albion the Sanctifire Dragon, two of the biggest cards released in Cyberstorm Access!

From left to right: Caprelle Curry (3rd Place); Leonel Alexander (1st Place); and Dzung Quach (2nd Place)
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Saturday’s Speed Duel ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! Winners

May 27th, 2023

The first of the Speed Duel ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! tournaments has drawn to a close here in Philadelphia, with two Duelists taking home oversized versions of Blue-Eyes White Dragon, and one Duelist winning a GIANT-Sized version of Volcanic Doomfire.

From left to right: Brian Xelo (3rd Place); Juan Carlos Lopez-Zamora (1st Place); and Yevbeniy Reznikov (2nd Place)

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May 27th, 2023

ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! is a fan favorite public event, with good reason! Who doesn’t want an exclusive, Giant-sized version of an iconic card that you can show off to your friends whenever they come over to Duel? It’s awesome. This weekend, Duelists who take 1st Place in the Saturday or Sunday ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! tournaments can win one of these two Giant Cards, featuring key monsters for the Branded theme newly released in Cyberstorm Access.

Albion the Sanctifire Dragon and Guiding Quem, The Virtuous are the Giant-sized prize cards for the ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! tournaments at YCS Philadelphia!
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Saturday Starlight Rare Uncut Sheet Winner!

April 1st, 2023

There are literally hundreds of prizes on offer in return for Prize Tickets, here at the 250th YCS in Los Angeles, but one category of prize always tops the collected competitors’ most-wanted lists: uncut sheets of Starlight Rares.

Bryce G. took home a matted uncut sheet of Starlights
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