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YCS Ft. Worth: Top 32 Deck Breakdown!

October 6th, 2019

Here are the Top 32 Duelists and their Decks!

1 – Ramiro Garcia (Lunalight Orcust)
2 – Raphael Pelaja Neven (Orcust)
3 – Dalton Taylor Johnson (Cyber Dragon Orcust)
4 – Denis Nadas (Orcust)
5 – Patrick Owen James (Altergeist)
6 – Matthew Keith Breeze (Salamangreat)
7 – Site Li (True Draco Sky Striker)
8 – Griffin Patrick Phillippi (Sky Striker)
9 – Cameron Taylor Neal (Orcust)
10 – Blair Alexander Hunter (Cyber Dragon Orcust)
11 – Michael Ryan Barnett (Sky Striker)
12 – Nicolas Charles Ortiz (Sky Striker)
13 – Mark Randall Myatt (Sky Striker)
14 – Brady Andrew Shields (Crusadia Danger! Thunder Orcust)
15 – Oscar Uriel Velez (Sky Striker)
16 – Luciano Frank Greco (Sky Striker)
17 – James Rego Park Chow (Cyber Dragon Orcust)
18 – Jovanny Velsain Castillo (Thunder Dragon)
19 – Andres David Torres Reyes (Thunder Dragon)
20 – Shannon Sean Long (Mekk-Knight)
21 – Matthew Franklin Thomas Kirkland (Cyber Dragon Orcust)
22 – Ambrose Andrew Jones Jr. (Invoked Sky Striker)
23 – Cristian Rafael Urena (Sky Striker)
24 – Noah Michael Beygelman (True Draco Sky Striker)
25 – Simon Yu Xiang He (Sky Striker)
26 – Brenden Elijah Beckmann (Lunalight Orcust)
27 – Dablessin Jaquise Wilson (Salamangreat)
28 – Donnell Dion Washington Jr. (Orcust)
29 – Nicholas Joseph Petzold (Sky Striker)
30 – Brian Rayos (Orcust)
31 – Manav Dawar (Sky Striker)
32 – Austin Brett Barnett (Salamangreat)

Here’s the full breakdown:

10 Sky Striker
5 Orcust
4 Cyber Dragon Orcust
3 Salamangreat
2 Lunalight Orcust
2 True Draco Sky Striker
2 Thunder Dragon
1 Invoked Sky Striker
1 Altergeist
1 Crusadia Danger! Thunder Orcust
1 Mekk-Knight

Pure Sky Strikers are the most numerous Deck, with ten representatives. There’s also a single Invoked Sky Striker Deck. Interestingly, there are two True Draco plus Sky Striker hybrids, but no regular True Draco builds.

The Orcust Decks have quite a large showing, with a total of 12 variations. The pure build is most common, followed closely by the Cyber variant. The Lunalight version won YCS Guadalajara, but only two of them made it to the top cut here. Finally, one Deck mixing the engines of Crusadia, Danger!, and Thunder Dragons was successful this weekend.

Salamangreats and Thunder Dragons both brought a few Duelists to the top cut. The strategies are mostly unchanged from recent weeks, making them a good choice for any Duelist already comfortable with them. A single Altergeist strategy made it in, and at fifth place in the standings too.  In the face of powerful Orcust combo Decks, a control Deck like Altergeists can find its niche. Finally, one dedicated Mekk-Knight strategy is here! Mekk-Knights were popular for quite some time, but we haven’t seen much of them in recent times. Could this be a new direction for the strategy?

Follow the coverage to see which Duelists and Decks advance to the next round!