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YCS Ft. Worth: Top 8 Pairings (with Decks!)

October 6th, 2019

Check out which Duelists and Decks are playing in the Top 8 of YCS Ft. Worth!

TablePlayer 1vs.Player 2
1Garcia, Ramiro (Lunalight Orcust)vs.Beygelman, Noah Michael (True Draco Sky Striker)
2Ortiz, Nicolas Charles (Sky Striker)vs.Nadas, Denis (Orcust)
3Li, Site (True Draco Sky Striker)vs.Neven, Raphael Pelaja (Orcust)
4Breeze, Matthew Keith (Salamangreat)vs.Torres Reyes, Andres David (Thunder Dragon)

There’s a Sky Striker Deck, a Salamangreat Deck, a Thunder Dragon Deck, a Lunalight Orcust Deck, and 2 other Orcust Decks in the Top 8. Most interestingly, however, both of the 2 True Draco Sky Striker Decks that made it into the Top 32 are still in the tournament with 8 Duelists remaining, and they’re in opposite brackets. Will these 2 Decks take the tournament by storm, and will we end up with True Draco Sky Striker Decks in the Finals? Or will the more anticipated strategies of the weekend prevail?

We’ll see soon enough!