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Team YCS Las Vegas: Our Favorite Team Names

February 22nd, 2020

We looked through the list of teams and picked out some of the best.

There were a lot of fun names, like Gone with the Win and Duuuuuuuuuudes with Attitudes. We also liked Cardboard Crazies and the self-deprecating Team X-3 Drop. In particular, we laughed at Gonna Finish That?, a team of Duelists who are hungry… for victory!

Naturally there will be some Yu-Gi-Oh! themed names! We had a few with famous “team” cards, such as Team Ojama Trio and D-Boyz. The Fencing Fire Ferrets just sounds like an awesome team name. One team is recognizing the Chinese New Year with Year of the Ratpier. There’s Topdeck Stratos, a powerful, albeit unreliable, strategy. There’s also Topdeck Scapegoat, which is not quite as powerful, but equally unreliable. Possibly the weirdest one, we have the Sisterhood of the Traveling Zehpyros. Rounding out the themed picks, there’s Team Copyright 1996 Kazuki Takahashi! They’ve taken that bit of text we’ve all seen a million times on our cards and other Yu-Gi-Oh! products and turned it into a team name.

A lot of other teams called out some of their members or their friends. Team Kevin Sandwich is a team of two Kevins and a Zachary. We have team Esala Needs This, featuring Esala Wathuthantrige, Jesse Kotton, and Barrett Keys. On the other side of the coin, we have team We need this more than Esala, featuring three teammates who are not Esala Wathuthantrige. There’s a team getting fired up for the political process with the name Oscar Renderos for Congress (with Oscar on the team). Then there’s Josh’s Sidekicks, who named themselves after veteran Judge Josh Bovarnick who helped them assemble. Team Franklin Charles Behm is named after an OTS owner who supports the team members. Finally is team 3DFAM, a team of Dawson, Duane, and Dylan Graves.

Thanks for all the great team names and the smiles they brought us!