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Team YCS Las Vegas: Triple Deck Profile! Team Leon’s Second Place Decks!

February 23rd, 2020

Team Leon had quite the weekend! They piloted three separate Decks that use three distinct strategies to a second-place finish here at Team YCS Las Vegas. Take a look at the Decks they used to reach this achievement!

Player A: James Gibbs – 44 Cards

Monsters: 18

2 SPYRAL Super Agent
3 Magicians’ Souls
3 Droll & Lock Bird
3 D.D. Crow
1 SPYRAL Gear Drone
2 SPYRAL Master Plan
1 SPYRAL GEAR – Last Resort
1 SPYRAL Tough
1 SPYRAL Quik-Fix
1 SPYRAL Sleeper

Spells: 21

2 Dark Ruler No More
1 Foolish Burial
1 Monster Reborn
3 Called by the Grave
1 SPYRAL Resort
3 Where Arf Though?
1 Reinforcement of the Army
3 Foolish Burial Goods
1 Terraforming
1 One for One

Traps: 5

1 SPYRAL GEAR – Utility Wire
1 Imperial Order

Extra Deck: 15

1 Sylvan Princessprite
1 Borrelsword Dragon
1 I:P Masquerena
1 Abyss Dweller
2 SPYRAL Double Helix
1 Knightmare Unicorn
1 Barricadeborg Blocker
1 Knightmare Cerberus
1 Borreload Dragon
1 Tri-Gate Wizard
1 Knightmare Gryphon
1 Linkuriboh
1 Knightmare Phoenix
1 Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess

Side Deck: 15

3 Retaliating “C”
3 Evenly Matched
1 Gagaga Cowboy
2 Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring
1 Red Reboot
2 Solemn Judgment
1 SPYRAL Tough
2 Twin Twisters

James Gibbs piloted a SPYRAL Deck this weekend as “Player A” on Team Leon. Bolstered by Magicians’ Souls from Legendary Duelists: Magical Hero, Gibbs’s SPYRAL Deck – like most modern-day SPYRAL Decks – aims to take maximum advantage of SPYRAL Master Plan, which can be sent to the Graveyard with ease using Magicians’ Souls. Gibbs’s SPYRAL Deck is adept as Special Summoning monsters using SPYRAL Double Helix and other SPYRAL cards, and consequently, is able to build massive fields through a series of Link Summons in just a single turn. Gibbs also runs several cards in his Main Deck that can disrupt an opponent’s turn, including 3 copies of D.D. Crow and 3 copies of Droll & Lock Bird. Gibbs is also using 2 copies of Dark Ruler No More in his Main Deck – a tech choice that was unusual prior to this weekend. Dark Ruler No More allows him to shut down his opponent’s field of effects when he’s going second and play his own SPYRAL Deck the way he intended for it to perform when he built it.

Player B: Ayinde Ross – 40 Cards

Monsters: 21

3 Souleating Oviraptor
1 Petiteranodon
3 Babycerasaurus
3 Miscellaneousaurus
3 True King Agnimazud, the Vanisher
1 True King Lithosagym, the Disaster
2 Ultimate Conductor Tyranno
2 Dogoran, the Mad Flame Kaiju
1 Dinowrestler Pankratops
1 Giant Rex
1 Jurrac Aeolo

Spells: 19

3 Dark Ruler No More
2 Cosmic Cyclone
3 Fossil Dig
3 Lost World
3 Lightning Storm
3 Pot of Extravagance
1 Dragonic Diagram
1 Terraforming

Traps: 0

Extra Deck: 15

1 Salamangreat Almiraj
2 Evolzar Dolkka
1 Number 60: Dugares the Timeless
2 True King of All Calamities
1 Abyss Dweller
1 Tornado Dragon
1 Evilswarm Exciton Knight
1 Hi-Speedroid Chanbara
2 Trishula, Dragon of the Ice barrier
1 Knightmare Phoenix
2 Pentestag

Side Deck: 15

3 Evenly Matched
1 Red Reboot
2 Dimensional Barrier
3 Trap Trick
2 Artifact Sanctum
1 Artifact Scythe
3 Retaliating “C”

Ayinde Ross’s True King Dinosaur Deck swarms the field with Dinosaurs to overwhelm his opponents. Babycerasaurus and Petiteranodon facilitate this goal, and his True King monsters and Dragonic Diagram help him to activate their effects. Ross also uses 2 copies of Ultimate Conductor Tyranno, whose effect can disrupt an opponent’s turn, and whose 3500 ATK helps to define it as a strong Duel-finisher. Like Gibbs, Ross is using Dark Ruler No More in his Main Deck to help break his opponent’s field and allow him to use his Deck as he intended. In fact, he’s using a full 3 copies of it.

Player C: Herman Cosie – 40 Cards

Monsters: 15
3 Infernoid Decatron
2 Infernoid Devyaty
2 Infernoid Onuncu
2 Infernoid Seitsemas
2 Infernoid Patrulea
1 Infernoid Attondel
1 Infernoid Harmadik
1 Infernoid Antra
1 Infernoid Sjette

Spells: 22

3 Pot of Extravagance
3 Void Vanishment
3 Void Imagination
3 Monster Gate
3 Super Polymerization
3 Lair of Darkness
3 Called by the Grave
1 One for One

Traps: 3

1 Void Feast
2 Evenly Matched

Extra Deck: 15

3 Infernoid Tierra
2 Crusadia Equimax
1 Knightmare Phoenix
1 Starving Venom Fusion Dragon
1 Earth Golem @Ignister
1 Hiita the Fire Charmer, Ablaze
1 Vision HERO Adoration
1 Mudragon of the Swamp
2 Elder Entity N’tss
1 World Chalice Guardragon Almarduke
1 PSY-Framelord Omega

Side Deck: 15

3 Dark Ruler No More
3 Lava Golem
3 Twin Twisters
1 Red Reboot
2 Cosmic Cyclone
1 Googly-Eyes Drum Dragon
1 Burial from a Different Dimension
1 Hiita the Fire Charmer, Ablaze

Herman Cosie used an Infernoid Deck featuring 3 copies of Lair of Darkness for the incredible synergy that Lair has with the Infernoid Monsters. The Infernoid monsters have effects that can be activated by Tributing a monster. Lair of Darkness makes all monsters on the field DARK and lets you Tribute an opponent’s DARK monster to activate a card effect, instead of Tributing one of your own monsters. By combining Lair of Darkness with the Infernoid monsters, Cosie can Tribute his opponent’s monsters to gain the benefit of the his Infernoid monsters’ diverse effects. Lots of cards in Cosie’s Deck can help him fill his Graveyard with Infernoid monsters, fueling the Deck’s power. These cards include Void Feast and Monster Gate. He’s also using 3 copies of Pot of Extravagance to help him draw the cards he needs, since he’s not heavily reliant on his Extra Deck. Cosie is also Main Decking 2 copies of Evenly Matched – a card that his teammates each have 3 copies of in their Side Decks – recognizing its incredible power in the current Advanced Format.

Team Leon didn’t win this weekend’s Team YCS, but they certainly proved themselves to be powerful Duelists. Look for Decks similar to all three of these at the highest levels of competitive Dueling in the current Advanced Format.