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Welcome to Team YCS Las Vegas!

February 22nd, 2020

1,470 Duelists have gathered here in Las Vegas, Nevada, forming a total of 490 teams of 3 for this special Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series event!

Unlike most YCS events, which crown only a single champion, this weekend’s YCS here in Las Vegas will crown three champions. That raises the stakes threefold.

Successful Duelists will need to work together with their teammates to triumph this weekend. Even before the event began, Duelists on a team worked together to improve each other’s Decks and strategies and discover tech cards that would put them ahead of the competition. They discussed plays in order to ensure that they and their teammates were at the top of their game. The Ultimate Duelist Series Invitational – Winter 2020 in Tulsa, Oklahoma gave us a glimpse last week of the new Advanced Format in a post-Ignition Assault world; but the Advanced Format is still young and there are plenty of tech cards and strategies that were left to be discovered by this weekend’s attending Duelists.

Duelists are permitted to discuss plays and strategies with teammates during their Duels, further extending the importance of teamwork and cooperation. Plus, since a Match victory for a team is defined by a victory for 2 out of 3 Duelists on that team in any given round, a weak link on a team could be fatal to that team’s success.

Many Duelists are expecting the Decks that prevailed in last week’s UDS Invitational – Winter 2020 to be popular again this weekend, including Rokkets, Shaddolls, Dinosaurs, and SPYRALs, which all made it into last weekend’s Top 4. As a result, most Duelists are prepared to face those Decks, which may end up hindering those Decks’ success this weekend. You can follow all of the action for Team YCS Las Vegas right here on the coverage blog and on the Official Live Steam all weekend!