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Welcome to YCS Hartford, Connecticut!

May 28th, 2022

1238 Duelists have gathered here at the Connecticut Convention Center to compete for the honor of becoming the next Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series (YCS) Champion!

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Welcome to Team YCS Las Vegas!

February 22nd, 2020

1,470 Duelists have gathered here in Las Vegas, Nevada, forming a total of 490 teams of 3 for this special Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series event!

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Welcome to YCS Pasadena, California!

November 23rd, 2019

1578 Duelists have gathered in the Pasadena Convention Center for North America’s first YCS under the October 14th, 2019 Advanced Format Forbidden & Limited List. Duelists’ recent experiences at YCS Lima and Regional Qualifier events will shape the way they approach this weekend’s tournament and have helped them decide which strategies are the most effective. We’ll be bringing you written coverage throughout the event right here on Konami’s Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME coverage blog, and you can follow the action LIVE on stream on YouTube, where there will be live Feature Matches and commentary throughout the weekend!

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Welcome to YCS Ft. Worth, Texas!

October 5th, 2019


Welcome to YCS Ft. Worth, Texas!


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Welcome To YCS Guadalajara, Mexico!

September 28th, 2019

Welcome to Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico!  We’re just one week removed from YCS’s in Niagara Falls, Canada and Ghent, Belgium where Danger! Lunalight Orcust made the finals of both tournaments, with the Deck taking the win in Ghent while taking second place in Niagara Falls.  With such a strong showing last weekend we’re sure to see the Deck in bigger numbers this weekend!

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Welcome To YCS Niagara Falls!

September 21st, 2019

The stage is set for innovation.

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Welcome to YCS Portland, Oregon!

August 24th, 2019

Thank you for joining us at the first Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series event of the new season! We’re here in beautiful Portland, Oregon, ready to jump back into the Dueling action! We have 801 attendees in the main event today, all hungry for the title of YCS Champion!

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Welcome to the Ultimate Duelist Series Summer Invitational 2019!

August 17th, 2019

275 Duelists have cashed in their Ultimate Duelist Series (UDS) Points to compete this weekend and take their shot at winning the Championship Belt and earning the title of “Ultimate Duelist” here in Indianapolis, Indiana! As is always the case at an Ultimate Duelist Series Invitational, the competition will be fierce, as only the best Duelists – those who earned at least 100 UDS points from playing in various Tier 2 or higher events – are permitted to compete.

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Welcome to the 2019 Central America WCQ!

June 7th, 2019

Welcome to the 2019 Central America World Championship Qualifier here in México City, México!

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Welcome to YCS Knoxville, Tennessee!

May 31st, 2019

Welcome to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series here in Knoxville, Tennessee!

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