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YCS Hartford Tech Update: Dimension Force

May 29th, 2022

This weekend’s YCS is the first one at which Duelists can use cards from the latest Dimension Force Booster Set. To gain an advantage over the competition, they’re using whichever ones they think will help them win. Check out some of the most popular tech choices from Dimension Force that Duelists are using this weekend!

1.) The Therion Package

The Therion cards from Dimension Force are some of the most powerful, and Duelists are using lots of them. They can all be used together in the Therion archetype, or played with specific types of monsters. Therion “King” Regulus is among the most powerful, and has been seeing the most use this weekend. Regulus can be Special Summoned from your hand just by having a Therion or Machine-type monster in your Graveyard to equip to it, and has the power to negate a card or effect that your opponent activates. Regulus has 2800 ATK too, which is pretty powerful for a monster that you can easily Special Summon from your hand. Regulus has been used this weekend in a bunch of different Decks, including the ABC Deck that took first place after the 11 Rounds of Swiss, piloted by Matthew Vanden Heuvel.

Many Duelists using Regulus, including Vanden Heuvel, also include Therion Discolosseum. This Field Spell card can add a Therion monster like Regulus to your hand when it’s activated. Plus, it can protect monsters from battle, and retrieve Therion cards from the Graveyard. Therion Discolosseum is a simple inclusion into just about any Deck using Therion cards.

While Regulus and Discolosseum make up the most basic Therion package, other Duelists also include Endless Engine Argyro System and Therion “Lily” Borea as part of the package. Endless Engine Argyro System and Borea add additional ways to search your Deck for Therion cards to add to your hand.

It’s hard to determine whether the Therion cards are best used as a tech in existing Decks, or are in fact a complete competitive strategy. But the results from this weekend definitely earned cards like Therion “King” Regulus and Therion Discolosseum a spot on this tech update list.

2.) New Branded Despia Cards

Branded Despia Decks got a couple of powerful tech cards in Dimension Force as well. The new Branded Banishment Trap Card lets you Special Summon a “Despia” or Level 8 or higher Fusion Monster in your Graveyard and Special Summon. Then, it lets you perform a Fusion Summon of a Level 8 or higher monster by using monsters on either side of the field. Since it’s similar to Super Polymerization and even has certain advantages over it, lots of Duelists are using it as a tech card in their Branded Despia Decks.

Similarly, Alba-Lenatus the Abyss Dragon is a new Level 8 Fusion Monster that you can Summon by sending its Fusion Materials from any Monster Zones to the Graveyard. Since it uses Fallen of Albaz plus any number of Dragons as Fusion Materials, you can tear apart your opponent’s field with Alba-Lenatus just by using it in your Extra Deck. Alba-Lenatus also has great effects. It can attack multiple times and also lets you add a Polymerization or Fusion Spell from your Deck to your hand in the End Phase of a turn that it’s sent to the Graveyard.

3.) Psychic End Punisher

Psychic End Punisher is a new Level 11 Synchro Monster that is easy to Summon simply by combining any Tuner with 1 or more non-Tuners. It has 3500 ATK to start, but also gains ATK equal to the difference in Life Points between you and your opponent at the start of the Battle Phase. It has a bunch of other awesome effects too. Once per turn it can banish a monster from your field to banish a card on your opponent’s field at the cost of 1000 Life Points, and it’s unaffected by your opponent’s activated effects as long as your Life Points are lower than your opponent’s Life Points.

Psychic End Punisher has become the Level 11 Synchro Monster of choice for many Duelists, and is being used in just about any Deck that can Synchro Summon it, including P.U.N.K., Swordsoul, and many Decks that use the Adventurer package.

These are just some of the tech cards being used here at YCS Hartford! Follow the coverage to see which ones perform best in the Top Cut!